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    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits: Normal: 8x Gold: 10x Platinum + Gold: 12x

    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic: Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x

    • Skills: Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x

    • Additional: Wildy: +1x cmb +Skulled: +0.5x cmb

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News & Updates

Pet Cats


Since Easter Holiday we have pet cats available in the game, it was possible to buy cats as a holiday item. Since the release we have prepared updates to the cat to act on the feedback from the community as well as release new features:

[*]Teen and Adult Cat can now fight NPC’s; [/*]
[*]You can train cat combat levels;[/*]
[*]Reworked feeding and interaction features, helping your cat grow now will be easier;[/*]
[*]Owners will be better informed about cat status;[/*]
[*]Cat won’t be permanently lost if it runs off due to neglect, you n... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

The results are in. We were thrilled with how busy the wilderness was and has still continued to be since, we will continue to develop new and exciting things to spice up your pking experience.

mc double 5212984
idol 5212830
Hmoob Meeka 5212110
Siddy85 5211955
rainy day pk 5210593
Cobalt 5210247
no soul 5210155
Steel Horror 5208041
Irregardless 5205570
Siddy 5204046

Reward: Gilded 2h - This has the exact same stats as a R2H however, it is kept on death and is tradeable.

Top 3 of 33 border PK
No Soul - 1584
G U D - 985
Irregardless - 887

Top 3 Of 38 border PK
Seggs - 47
Solid38 - 40
Dragon ... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Happy Easter 2024

Whilst you're all busy eating your chocolate eggs its important to remember important historical events such as Jesus walking on water. This Easter event will allow you to do just that, Speak to the Easter NPC in Edgeville to teleport to the new Easter Island. Here you will be able to use skipping stones to do circles around the arena, gaining a generous amount of agility XP with each passing. (you will require 60 agility).

If you lose your footing whilst doing the new agility course, you will find yourself within the area of the Bunny Boss. This year you will need to... Read more

Posted by Terror.

A crystal key event is taking place now. With the ::event command you will be taken close to the crystal chest. There will be a bank there, so you can comfortably make use of your crystal keys.
Event will last 2-3 hours.

There will be another crystal key for 2-3 hours approximately 6-7 hours after this one, so players from other time zones can use it

Enjoy smile

Mod Umbaman
The staff team... Read more

Posted by Mod Dice Man.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Style with Leprechaun Baloobas!

This St. Patrick's Day, embark on a whimsical adventure in Edgeville by joining forces with the mischievous Leprechaun Baloobas! As legend has it, a pot of gold has been found, leading all of Edgeville's leprechauns into hiding. Baloobas is on a quest to find his elusive companions, and he needs your help.

Should you encounter these crafty leprechauns around the map, use the right click spot command when you find the NPC. Your keen eye and quick reflexes will be crucial in rounding up all 5 of these hidden characters. For your ef... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure because today is no ordinary day – it's Clue Extravaganza! Brace yourself as all four fantastic clues are taking center stage, transforming Edgeville into a clue hunter's paradise. The grounds are literally buzzing with mystery and excitement. Seize this golden opportunity to conquer the wild and unravel the secrets of the wilderness clues. The clock is ticking, and the clues are waiting – are you up for the challenge? Don't miss out on the thrill, dive into the Clue Day madness now!

TL;DR Clues are all ground spawned in Edgeville, Wilderness clue b... Read more

Posted by Terror.

March is War

The Return of the Mojo Boss!

Exciting news for our fearless adventurers! The beloved Mojo boss has made a triumphant return and can now be found under East 1ip Castle. Venture forth, as 1v1 rules are in effect, ensuring a fair and thrilling battle for the title of the ultimate PvPer.

Announcing the Revamped 33 and 38 Border Highscores!

For all those hungry for glory in player killing, the 33 border event is back, accompanied by the debut of the 38 border event. We've given a complete facelift to how we track and showcase highscores, offering you an in game updates on your top ... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Array of Events!

Hello everyone! I'd like to invite you to an array of events. Some PVP, some PVM. Ultimately the main prize of each 'big' event will be A Cyan Reaper Hood! (Five in total to give away) 3482.PNG

[color=yellow]The date and time for the event is scheduled to start at 21:00 GMT on Friday (Tomorrow) 23rd February. If you all, as a majority would prefer the events to be 24 hours later - (Saturday 24th @ 21:00 GMT) - This is possible, but would require your feedback ASAP and I'll move the event... Read more

Posted by Mod Playah.

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Should rare items be color coded in rainbow flashing for easy visibility?

You can only vote from in-game 'Polly' NPC

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