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Weekday Cluefest 15 May 2022 23:00


Easy, Medium and Hard clues spawned in edgeville

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    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits: Normal: 8x Gold: 10x Platinum + Gold: 12x

    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic: Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x

    • Skills: Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x

    • Additional: Wildy: +1x cmb +Skulled: +0.5x cmb

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News & Updates

Hi all, just a quick one to enlighten you all. There was a bug that happened about 15-16 hours ago where players inventories were vanishing. This has since been fixed and the rumours of a server roll back are NOT needed. If you could please submit a ticket and Terror can sort your account out. If you could please list the main items you are missing and it can be cross referenced with the information stored backstage. So there's no need to lie and try to be deceitful. It will not benefit you.

You can all now play the game as you did previously. Your items will be reimbursed to you as soon as ... Read more

Posted by Mod Playah.

Weekday Cluefest !


Hello all ! Death here to make a little announcement on behalf of RSCR team

Starting Monday the 16th  - Wednesday 18th of May we will be holding a clue event, clues will be spawned from each of the difficulties on the ground in Edgeville ! ( Easy, Medium, Hard ) 

The man hut in old Edgeville will also hold you clue doers favorite npc's !  Nucleasesy, Luminesced and Luchadores will be making an appearance !!!

Get your thinking caps on, make sure you have the clue in inventory and enjoy the rewards ! 

best of luck

RSCR Team... Read more

Posted by Mod Death.

Tournament no.1:
1st - Red Eagle
2nd - Skying J
3rd - Lenigrast

Tournament no.2:
1st - Elite Sniper
2nd - Lenigrast

Huge thank you again to Stylebender for making a second tournament happen.

Hopefully everyone who participated had fun?

Hi everyone!

As of just recently, (today 03/05) I have been given a seriously generous donation by Stylebender (Ron). Due to this it has been decided that we can now run two tournaments one after another!

[color=cyan]Please allo... Read more

Posted by Mod Playah.

This Saturday will be a wilderness drop party!

Everyone is invited to the exclusive wilderness drop party event hosted by the staff team, which will take place the 22nd at 9pm UTC, or:

4 PM in California
5 PM in New York
5 PM in Toronto, Canada
10PM in the UK
11PM in Sweden
12PM in Finland
Of course, the more drops, the merrier! If you would like to contribute to this wonderful event through a donation, please get in touch with any of our staff members. Items are preferred over gp, but both are of course welcome and much appreciated.
... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Dear players,

We hope you enjoyed the arctic beast and it’s generous drops. Hopefully some of you took a break to eat and sleep.

To keep the event going, the shifter boss returns in the form of bunnies and chicks. These 5 forms are the same as last time so you must mage the first one, range the second, and use any form of damage for the last 3. This boss drops the same rares as the arctic beast boss and you can find the shifter in edgeville man hut again.

Keep collecting those tokens as tokens will stop the morning of Friday 22nd. The store will be active for a few days after to allow yo... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Easter 2022

Happy easter 2022 to all our loyal players!

To celebrate this we will be doing a traditional token event. You earn stackable tokens as you play the game. You can then spend those tokens in the Easter Shop!

Double XP will also be activated worldwide for this Easter weekend.

We have a couple of new fancy items for you.
Oyster Pearl Amulet - 20000 tokens - +5 armour, +10 aim, +10 power, +12 prayer
Bunny Balloon - 20000 tokens - +30 Armour
(item stats are subject to change based on player feedbac... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Introducing a new Slayer Master!

Elderly Pathfinder - 70 Slayer Requirement - found in Yanille.
Skip task (60 points)
Skip-block task (120 points)
Extend task (240 points)

-Earth Warrior
-Loaded Chicken
-Blue Dragon
-Ice Golem
-Greater Demon
-Animated Axe
-Giant Bat
-Ogre Chieftan
-Pack Leader
-Ice Giant
-Ice Spider
-Ice Warrior
-Grey Wolf
-Poison Spider
-Moss Giant
-Renegade Knight
-Cave Troll
-Swamp Slime
-Rock ... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Dear Players,

Whilst working on the slayer update some of the new NPCs slipped through when we updated the master file to Xae-kor master. The senior mod team has been busy resetting tasks for anyone that got the new npcs. As a small teaser to the huge soon to be released slayer update we are going to release those NPCs which you are gaining tasks for!

There are a total of 6 NPC's being released.
-Loaded Chicken
-Man Ghost Spirit
-Hydra Snake - These will poison you
-Snowman - You will need a lit torch to defeat the snowman.
-King Skeleton

You can find most of these NPCs in... Read more

Posted by Terror.

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Should rare items be color coded in rainbow flashing for easy visibility?

You can only vote from in-game 'Polly' NPC

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