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    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits: Normal: 8x Gold: 10x Platinum + Gold: 12x

    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic: Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x

    • Skills: Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x

    • Additional: Wildy: +1x cmb +Skulled: +0.5x cmb

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News & Updates

Sorry event postponed until further notice

Hello all RSCR players!

I'd like to invite you all to this event. Which is why I'm advertising it now, so you have approximately 6 days (will add a countdown timer to be exact) for you to create a 61 if you don't have one already

Firstly, let's get the rules and regulations for this tournament out of the way.

[s][color=orange]Level 61 only
Original RSC items only
Prayer not allowed
Magic not allowed
MUST be 60+ Attack
MUST be 40+ defense
Single entry only - this wi... Read more

Posted by Mod Playah.

Wishing everyone a joyous Guy Fawkes, Bonfire, and Fireworks Night!


Don't forget the date: November 5th.

For tonight only, find Guy Fawkes in Edgeville offering fireworks for 20k each.

Light up the sky with a single click on each firework.

While igniting them, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon these rare items:

Party Hats in these shades:
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Black, Purple, Orange, Cyan, and Rainbow.
Plus, the iconic Original Scythe! along with 1000 spooky tokens!

Bonfires will be in Edgeville for the ni... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Halloween 2023!

RSCRevolution's Halloween 2023 Special!

Brace yourselves for the thrilling "Zombie Wave" challenge! Don your finest armour, gear up with powerful weapons, and stock up on food and potions. How long can you stand against the relentless undead waves? Check your rank and the top 10 contenders with the ::zombiehs command.

Stick around! The top 10 survivors will earn fabulous prizes (details coming soon).

You will not lose any items or equipment during zombie waves, but you will use up your own resources such as food/potions/runes.

We recommend you bring your best gear, stat restore poti... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Halloween Spider Heist Competition!

Get ready for a spine-tingling challenge this Halloween season! We've restarted the competition for the heaviest spiders, and you can be part of the excitement. Here's how you can participate:

How to Enter:

Pickpocket any NPC that allows it to gain spiders.
The weight of your spiders will determine your ranking in the competition.
Scales will be around the map in popular locations.


The top 10 players with the heaviest spiders will receive Thieving Gloves.
Thieving Gloves increase your chance of successfully pickpocketing by 10%.... Read more

Posted by Terror.

We're thrilled to unveil a game-changing update to Runecrafting: the Runecrafting Tiaras!

Designed for all types of altars, these tiaras not only enhance the aesthetics but also pack functional benefits. By equipping them, adventurers can free up a precious slot in their inventory, making your runecrafting journeys more efficient.

But that's not all! The tiaras come with a unique pathfinding ability. Once equipped, they will magically guide your character towards the relevant Dolmen. This auto-navigation feature will last for 30 seconds. After this duration, players can resume their journey ... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Welcome to the world of RSCR Farming! Whether you're a seasoned farmer or someone just dipping their toes in, this guide will provide you with all the details you need to get started and master the skill. Remember, patience is key when cultivating the land, but your efforts will undoubtedly be rewarded.

1. Bird’s Nests and Woodcutting:

When woodcutting, players will now come across random bird’s nests.
Inside these nests, you can find a variety of tree seeds. These seeds are essential for the farming skill.

2. Obtaining Seeds:

Tree Seeds: Found in bird’s nests while woodc... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Fishing Extravaganza Alert!

Hold onto your fishing hats, enthusiasts! This month, we're diving deep into an adventure that promises thrills, spills, and unforgettable catches! Have you ever seen the ocean shimmer with a splash of brilliant blue? It's not a gem, not a trick of light, but a chance to snag the elusive Blue Swordfish!

Whether you’re a fan of the age-old harpoon or the new majestic gilded trident, there's a chance for EVERYONE to feel the rush of battling this incredible creature from the depths!

But that's not all! Once you’ve made your catch, place it upon the scales. Wat... Read more

Posted by Terror.

We hope you all enjoyed the Birthday cakes.

This weekend will be Worldwide Double XP! Starting Friday 11th until Monday 14th AM.

We will also be releasing a pet egg which is a beta test that I ask for you all to help us out with, if you'd be so kind.

Pet Green Dragon Familiar:
- He will heal you whilst you at in combat with NPC's. 1-10hp every so often.
- He has the ability to hold items using bank call storage, 10 items as standard and +5 for each subscription.
- He can set fire to logs if you use them on him.
- He can follow you around the map.
- You can request he stands still.
- He last... Read more

Posted by Terror.

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