Update #34: Update log | May 2017

27 May:
-Mageing and ranging through walls fixed
-Fixed not being able to ranged through things you should be
-Trading across water fixed/fences
-Core: Mid: Cosmetic: Can wear Guants+Klanks with Hardened Plates
-Bug where your opponent would appear to be standing still fixed.
-Bug with right click menu expanding out of client screen fixed.
Still favouring menu going over bottom screen than top in order to fix the loot menu issue.
-Fixed Highscores not showing some players

26 May 2017 13:42
Added hardened top and skirt, convertable by Thrander.
Thrander armour conversion is now batched
Fixed red skull not disappearing/coming back every login.

23 May:
Release of hardened rune armour

23 May:
Release of King of the Castle(Hotspot)
-Only one party can be at Castle at time, eliminate other parties to gain benefits.
-Two minute delay before party interrupts Castle control
-Your entire party gets their experience multiplier multiplied by 1.5x, they don't have to be at Castle.
-Stackable drops are doubled at Castle while in control.

Wilderness Obelisks & Mad Zeonk:
-Two minute death timeout before you are able to use Zeonk for his teleports.
-Wilderness obelisks now let you choose your destination
-Mad Zeonk let's you choose your destination
-Loot will now drop on ground, if not looted the items will go to territory bank.:

19 May 2017 12:59
Territory bank transfer on restart fixed
Team saving on restart fixed
1IP in Territory, can't go closer than 24 sq to territory for 5 minutes if you have just left there with another character.
Territory capture area expanded with few squares.
Territory skull will stay if you leave territory.
Added command for admins to toggle if wilderness is 1IP or not.
Misc performance tweaks.
Fixed bug where you would fail your agility course lap if you re-did obstacle.
Fixed bug at fishing guild that caused you to disconnect and get stuck there.

18 May 2017 10:38
-Fixed Log obstacles can be spamclicked for rapid XP
-odd looking walls don't work (wallobj22) (the ones at reaper do work. but it broke all other ones, which use a door method)
-can wear gauntlets with black plate
-cant wear regular gloves with steel plate
-Team HS K/D uses far too many decimals
-Pictures for team highscore menu not showing Added placeholder pictures.
-Droid users cannot scroll far enough to cancel their listings if they have many listings
-Can wear female plate and gaunts.
-Guardians of Saradomin cause this message: "The Shadow Spider drains your prayer"

16 May 2017 11:18
Release of:
1) Team highscores
2) New and improved Marketplace
3) Agility shortcuts
4) Performance and stability
-Server is lag free and responsive
5) Quick-Option NPCs

-Changed 1 ip wilderness system radius to 24 sq from 15 sq.
-Fixed: Aborting obelisk teleport freezes player
-Fixed KD not displaying correctly
-Fixed bug where you would get stuck at deathmatch arena. If disconnected after battle win, all loot will be automatically transferred to your bank, and you'll be teleported out.
-Added low walls in landscape file to make character walk on top of obelisk platform when clicking obelisk, rather than walking to side

-New scrollable interface that can be used for anything, currently used for market history, collectable notifications, later will be used for team bank logs.
-Fixed scroll bar going out of boundaries
-Fixed bug on text fields being hard to click
-Fixed Visual glitch with adding/withdrawing from bank
-Fixed client registration username having spaces removed unintentionally
-Fixed Limiting objects in sight caused gnome maze to have invisible objects.
-Fixed chat box getting stuck if you switch application while having keyboard open.
-Fixed login screen displaying subscription days left wrong.
-Fixed batch menu can get messed up and refer to wrong item/requirements
-Tweaked rendering - around 3-4 more FPS give or take   
-Camera scroll and rotate will require you to hold your finger for 100ms before it will do anything.
This is to fix accidental scrolling when trying to click
-Fixed bug with camera rotation and scrolling, where it would click after action up.

Quests, minigames:
-Grip will teleport out of the room if you cant reach him
-Underground pass obstacles spam fix.
-Made swamp paste and flour stock at trawler store 300
-make the guardians at last stage of evil dan miniquest halve prayer
-Dragon Axe checks for Heros finished to be equipped
-Quest Cape teleports require 100 quest points
-Misc. Dialog typos
-Typo fix, and Waterfall never had action programmed to it.
-Railing damage fixed from 10 to 3

-Fixed bowstringing removing 2 bowstrings to string one bow
-Made cooking the swamp paste and seaweed batched
-Content: poison antidotes (Implemented drinking and effects)
-Fixed Subscriptions not registering right away
-Fixed Equipment System: Shouldn't be able to wear gauntlets with platebody
(You can still wear gloves if you want! But we've brought back the Plate vs. Chain+Gaunts strategy that is so old)
-Fixed: Equipment System: Iron mace disappearing while equipped on logout.
-Fixed Examine description for Custom rings.
-Salarin the twisted will weaken you if you attack him and not only when he attacks.
-Shadow spider prayer drain modified to wiki information.

-Player Profile snapshot system allows for viewing and restoring character’s save state from nearly any time.
-Completely remade backend system for staff use, more robust logs, optimizations

Update #33: Not a PKing Update #2

Mad Zeonks around wilderness which take 10k gp from your bank for each teleport, 1 min teleport timeout and 1 min combat timeout.
Mad Zeonk death timeout extended to 2 minutes.

Projectiles now set the combat timer so players can't logout while getting casted.

Character Parking "fix":
When you login in wilderness you are frozen and invisible for 25 seconds. Remaining 10 seconds you are visible and unable to move.
When the timeout ends you'll be unattackable for 3 seconds.

Mad Zeonk locations in wilderness:
Bandit camp
Mage bank by the ladder

Update #32: Not a PKing update.

-Mad Zeonk teleports free.
-Remove 1v1 wild from border and varrock.
-Clear the last attackers list on death. (You will get skulled for attacking people that attacked you previously).
- Adjust wilderness xp multiplier, +1x for no skull, +2x skulled.

Update #31: Mad Zeonk changes

-Teleport location shout removed
-Price  changed to 1500gp
-You get skulled automatically when teleporting
-Shortened dialogue a bit.
-Teleport location varies 0-15 tiles every time.

Update #30: Hotspot fix

-You will now only challenge the hotspot after being in it for 10 seconds instead of instantly when you enter.

Quest System rewards will now prompt again if misclicked.

Update #29: Android Client - Self-updater, and other

Android client has now two new permissions added:
INSTALL_PACKAGES -> For self-updating
DELETE_PACKAGES -> For self-updating

-Self-updater which will notify you if there's a newer application released and with click of a button you can install it.
-Rewritten game-cache updater which now verifies cache after downloading.
-Fixed bug in website which caused the application file unable to open if downloaded by android default browser.

Update #28: Android Updates

-Top-left corner question menhttp://www.rscrevolution.com/forum.phpu is now bigger and harder to miss
-A spell box on right side of the screen which can be used to cast spells, to use simply select spell from spell list.
-When you tap on scroll bar it won't keep scrolling.
-Option to change the long-press duration.

Control Changes:
-Right clicking happens works more like it would work at PC, Hold and press to open rightclick menu, keep holding down and select option, then release finger to select.
-Single-tapping should be more responsive.

Update #27: Website updates

- Private message inbox "Delete" messages fixed.
- Private message inbox layout improved.
- Added Play Now button to the nav bar with registration information for new players, to get rid of the questions regarding how to create ingame character. (it should be helping a lot).
- Fixed some design flaws in forum profile.
- Removed the container box around all the middle content on website for a wider content layout. (~50px bigger on the sides now / 1200px total).
- Fixed the top navigation bar a little smaller and added bigger text to the links, also fixed the mobile collapsing.
- Fixed the mobile/tablet collapsing on the header content.
- Added tools for moderators / admins to easily remove spam posts.
- Added Top Players to the frontpage.
- Fixed so you cannot locate the herb id of unids on the auction tab on the frontpage.
- Fixed videos to auto resize to fit tablet/mobile platforms.
- Fixed correct positioning for "send private message" icon in the topic boards.

Update #26: More hotspots & Loot table changes

-More hotspots:
*Edgeville dungeon
*Bandit Camp
-Changed revenant loot tables
-Melee damage against revenant 25% off.

Update #25: Hotspots & Revenants

-Hotspots in wilderness, moved every 2 hours. View more at news section.
-Revenants in hotspots, View more at news section.
-Paralyze Monster only takes 50% off from Revenants melee attack.
-You can't leave party in wilderness
-Red dragons are members area now.

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