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  • Characters: 137,509

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    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits: Normal: 8x Gold: 10x Platinum + Gold: 12x

    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic: Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x

    • Skills: Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x

    • Additional: Wildy: +1x cmb +Skulled: +0.5x cmb

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News & Updates

Dear community,


A skilling island event is planned for the upcoming weekend (27.01. - 29.01.2023). You will have a chance to fight various npcs, obtain supplies and see the other players. big_smile
Easter will provide the next opportunity to use double xp. If you have wishes or ideas for this skilling island event, please post them below.
Thank you.


RSCR Staff

minions-the-rise-of-gru-super-bowl-trailer-618x400.jpg... Read more

Posted by Mod Umba.

Once again, thanks everyone for participating! Here is the list of winners of all categories during the season.

Prizes added to auction house collectable of the deadmen characters.

Deadmen characters can now be accessed and will automatically turn into regular characters with wiped banks, safety deposit box content was added to banks

Congratulations to all the winners, well done!

For most gold won we have multiple prizes, for other categories only number one position gets a prize.


DMM_gold_won (while raiding victims banks)

Slayer88  - 21747231 - 150M
Mag... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

Deadman season has ended, thank you to everyone that has participated, I hope you had a good time. Special thanks to those who provided feedback on how to improve the event or reported issues.


Did you play deadman? If you did, please drop a comment!

It would be great if any participants could share any feedback about what they liked in the event, anything they did not like and share any ideas for future Deadman seasons. It's priceless to get feedback from players who actually spent time playing, here is interesting [url=https://rscrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?pid=108004#p108... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas period and had time to gain the levels you wanted and get the rares you thrived for. Today we are ending the Christmas event for all characters except for Deadmen.

If you did not gather the right amount of tokens, there is still a chance to do that on a Deadman character. With help from a moderator you will be able to transfer your tokens from Deadman to your main and buy the items you wanted, or transfer the rares after the Deadman ends.

Every Deadman get 250K startup stimulus check!


[*]NPC killed now gives 15x more ... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

Deadman mode has returned to RSCR as a Christmas event! For this holiday - very high xp rate, better holiday token drops, easier skilling, gear available to purchase in stores, coin drops from npc’s!

This game mode is similar to the Deadman mode found on OSRS, where players play in a full world PvP environment. Deadmen won't be playing on a separate world, they will be playing along with regular players. Deadmen are a new character type just like iron-men or veteran mode.

DMM players are required to be completely self-sufficient, at the bottom of the post there is a list of rules that Dead... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas RSCRevolution. This year for our players will be mostly a token event, you will gain tokens by Skilling/Killing generally playing the game as you normally would. Tokens will be enabled from Friday the 23rd and Disabled on the 2nd January.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte - 250 Tokens
Santa Bag - 500 Tokens
XP Tokens - 1 Token
Rainbow Gloves - 10000 Tokens
Rainbow Boots - 10000 Tokens
Rainbow Amulet - 30000 Tokens
Oyster Pearl Amulet - 30000 Tokens
Halo (gold) - 50000 Tokens
Halo (W... Read more

Posted by Terror.

You will find a cave appear in edgeville. To enter this cave you must have a double stacked membership of both gold and platinum. If your membership runs out whilst in the dungeon you will be teleported back to edgeville.

In the cave you will experience an additional boost in slayer XP of +0.5%

The members master is locked to level 75 slayer requirement. You will only get a task if you have the required slayer level to complete it. We will possibly release other masters in the future and adjust NPC's accordingly. You will get a massive 60 slayer points per task completion.

[h]Members slaye... Read more

Posted by Terror.

We've had a lot of feedback lately about teams in the wild with similarly named accounts.  Going forward, we will not allow teams to pk together with names that look close, not even different numbers at the end.  One person may still have multiple name#s but can't share them to have team pk with them at the same time.

A few months ago, I told pkers that name1 name2 name3 etc is allowed for teams, and I apologize for that.  All similar names (for teams) should have been forbidden at that time.

PKERS - IF THIS RULE APPLIES TO YOUR ACCOUNTS - Please, discord me with what you want your new names... Read more

Posted by Mod T.

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Should rare items be color coded in rainbow flashing for easy visibility?

You can only vote from in-game 'Polly' NPC

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