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  • Players online: 36

  • Characters: 143,495

  • Active in 48 hours: 859

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    • Attack, Defense, Strength, Hits: Normal: 8x Gold: 10x Platinum + Gold: 12x

    • Ranged, Prayer, Magic: Normal: 3x Gold: 4x Platinum + Gold: 6x

    • Skills: Normal: 2x Gold: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x

    • Additional: Wildy: +1x cmb +Skulled: +0.5x cmb

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News & Updates

Updates 2022

- Fixed flashing door in castle
- Changed gates to doors at Plague to prevent ranged abuse.
- Updated look of golden scythe.
- Added grey patch under obelisks in Wildy to make them easier to locate on mini map.
- Removed elf shop from edge
- Crystal key chest as Taverly can be used for any left over Santa key's
- Removed swamp toad from Luchadores drop
- Added mithril seed and golden bowl to Luchadores drop
- Slayer staffs now require 40 attack to wield rather than defense
- Fort bank timer set to 10 seconds out of combat
- Shanty bribe weird bug fixed
- Alch prices added to probably 50% of it... Read more

Posted by Terror.

- Winter world added to game
- Fixed being able to teleport in DMs
- Ranged equipment stats now show
- Event points now show correctly
- Mad zeonk now gives the correct number of strength potions for hotspot points
- Rainbow PK cape has been added to PK store with a 3000 kill requirement.
- There is now an event chest in Edgeville where players can donate items for mods to use in events.... Read more

Posted by Terror.

- Gold subs can now be used in game to increase your bank slots by +30. This can be done unlimited times.
- Hotspot now shares XP boost with anyone in the party even if outside of hotspot.
- PK Capes have been fixed to their correct kill requirements.
- Clue rewards have been tweaked
- Slayer staffs have been fixed.
- Some p2p items can be used against monsters in f2p wildy.... Read more

Posted by Terror.

- Ironmen can join tdm
- ironman can now pickup loot in TDM
- Clues fixed so you can now have more then 1 in bank and complete them.
- Quest guides fixed so no longer cut off half way.
- Inventory when on "lock" no longer clicks through
- A voting system for TDM builds has been introduced.
- New wilderness obelisk locations added.
- TDM builds updated and tweaked
- New NPC in edgeville to give free fish for training/new players.
- Fishing trawler can now be used by Ironmen
- Thrander updated with new merc colours
- Mods can now toggle the event points of TDM and CTF.
- Team perk causing a mini... Read more

Posted by Terror.

Patch 13/01/2020

-New hotkeys:
* ESC closes any window that is currently open.
* Tab to reply to last person who sent you a message.

-New settings:
* Chat font size
* Menu font size
* (Android) Castbox left or right.
* Camera Smoothing On/Off
* Camera auto rotate 90 degree turns or 45.
* Attack option Normal/Left/Right Click.

-MiniQuest UI changes:
* Simplified the quest prompt
* Added all quests available to quest list for preview.

-Inventory lock: It will now hide inventory when hovering on other tabs.
-Team tab will now blink if you've got unread messages, similar to Private tab.
-Mark... Read more

Posted by n0m.

There's new experimental spot in Wilderness for skilling! We've added triple cooking, and fishing spot to bandit camp.

Bandits will not attack skulled players


There's a new 'Noter' npc that can unnote and note your cooked and raw fish.

Triple Cooking


Double Fishing


NOTE ... Read more

Posted by n0m.

Fixes & Changes

-Fixed Wild 0 "You cant fight here" issue.
-Fixed green dragon clue, replaced with wild dragons.
-Fixed blocked slayer task issues by adding wild dragon tasks.
-Fixed issue with F2P Wild beginning at 60, partly in slayer cave.
-Fixed being able to duel/trade players in new edgeville DM area.

-Events: now give points when terminated
-Events: auto-ban for being AFK for 1 minute.
-Events: reset prayer after match

-Fixed a client crash.... Read more

Posted by n0m.

PKM Changes

Subscribed PKM Characters bypass some features that otherwise would require you to spend GP:
- While subscription is active, you can use items that otherwise would require you to buy rights from zeonk.
- While subscription is active, you will respawn in Edgeville instead of Lumbridge.

-Subscriber rates lifted from 2x per subscription to 4x per subscription.
New rates are:
(No-sub) 16x
(Gold) 20x,
(Gold + Plat) 24x
(+1 when skulled)

-PKM AFK Timer is now at 10 minutes, with each subscription still giving +5 minutes to the timer.... Read more

Posted by Nisti.

Live Feed

  • Plz Dont Win has just won a stake against A Q U A 10 minutes 5 seconds ago..

  • Plz Dont Win has just won a stake against A Q U A 14 minutes 37 seconds ago..

  • Plz Dont Win has just won a stake against A Q U A 16 minutes 19 seconds ago..

  • Skeon 100 has PKed D3troitkil3r 31 minutes 2 seconds ago..

  • Skeon 96 has PKed Cro Magnons 34 minutes 9 seconds ago..


Should rare items be color coded in rainbow flashing for easy visibility?

You can only vote from in-game 'Polly' NPC

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