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If you need any kind of help or support, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member or visit our support section.


General Use

Explains how you can solve client issues, download java, register and play RSCRevolution.


First you need to create yourself a forum account, Register. If you already have created or if you just created your forum account then you need to login on our website in order to see the Account Manager in the navigation bar at the top of our website.

Now you can create your game account in the Account Manager, please fill in the easy game account registration there with a strong password with numbers and regular letters only and submit.

Congratulations! You have now created your forum and game account.

Why can't I use special characters in my username or password?

Our website registration does not support special characters in your forum account username. It do support special characters in your forum account password, for stronger passwords.

The Account Manager does not support special characters neither in your username or password, because of the RuneScape Classic Client have no support for these characters.

How can I play the game?

Simply just download our Desktop Launcher and double click the Launcher.jar file. The Launcher will now download all the data files required. Once it has successfully been downloaded, you click on the Play button next to the loading bar. The Launcher will now switch to the actual game client and you can login to your account and play RSCRevolution.

We have also created a web application which run our game client, to play directly from our site please visit our webclient.

If you have any problems running our game client please click on the tab 'Client Issues' or 'Java Problems' to see if you can find a solution for your problem. If you need more assistance please create a forum thread in the support section on our forums and explain your issue in detail.

Java download link

Java is required in order to play our game.

Go to and install the newest Java.

Allowing Java to load our webclient

Start -> Controlpanel -> Java. In your Java Control Panel click on the Security Tab and either change your Security Level to Medium or add to the Exception Site List.

Having problem with loading the game client?

The most common problem some of our users have had is with the data cache getting corrupted. Please try this solution below.

Find this folder '.rscrevolution' in your computer and delete it. You can find the folder at C: -> Users -> (your PC name), once you have deleted the folder please reload the Launcher and let it re-download the data.



BBCode is a collection of tags that are used to change the look of text in this forum. Below you can find all the available BBCodes and how to use them. Administrators have the ability to disable BBCode. You can tell if BBCode is disabled whenever you post a message or edit your signature.

The following tags change the appearance of text:

[b]Bold text[/b] produces Bold text

[u]Underlined text[/u] produces Underlined text

[i]Italic text[/i] produces Italic text

[s]Strike-through text[/s] produces Strike-through text

[ins]Inserted text[/ins] produces Inserted text

[color=#FF0000]Red text[/color] produces Red text

[color=blue]Blue text[/color] produces Blue text

[sub]Subscript text[/sub] produces Subscript text

[sup]Superscript text[/sup] produces Superscript text

[h]Heading text[/h] produces

Heading text

If you want to quote someone, you should use the quote tag.

[quote=James]This is the text I want to quote.[/quote]

produces a quote box like this:

James said:

This is the text I want to quote.

If you don't want to quote anyone in particular, you can use the quote tag without specifying a name. If a username contains the characters [ or ] you can enclose it in quote marks.

When displaying source code you should make sure that you use the code tag. Text displayed with the code tag will use a monospaced font and will not be affected by other tags.

[code]This is some code.[/code]

produces a code box like this:

This is some code.

[c]This is some code.[/c] produces a code box like this: This is some code.

To create a list you can use the list tag. You can create 2 types of lists using the list tag.

[list][*]Example list item 1.[/*][*]Example list item 2.[/*][*]Example list item 3.[/*][/list]
produces a bulleted list.

  • Example list item 1.

  • Example list item 2.

  • Example list item 3.

[list=1][*]Example list item 1.[/*][*]Example list item 2.[/*][*]Example list item 3.[/*][/list]
produces a numbered list.

  1. Example list item 1.

  2. Example list item 2.

  3. Example list item 3.

If enabled, the forum can convert a series of smilies to graphical representations. The following smilies you can use are:

:) produces :)

:| produces :|

:( produces :(

:d and :D produces :d

:o and :O produces :o

;) produces ;)

:/ produces :/

:P and :p produces :P

:lol: and :-)) produces :lol:

:@ produces :@

%) produces %)

b: and B: produces b:

:hc: produces :hc:

(A) and (a) produces (A)

^-^ produces ^-^

^.^ produces ^.^

General use

Explains some of the basics on how to work with this forum software.

What do the labels in front of topic titles mean?

You'll see that some of the topics are labeled, different labels have different meanings.

Label Explanation
Sticky Sticky topics are usually important topics which you should read. It's worth it to take a look there.
Closed When a you see a closed label, it means you can't post on that topic any more, unless you have a permission that overwrites this. The topic is still available to read, through.
Moved This topic has been moved to another forum. Admins and moderators can choose to show this notification, or simply not show it. The original forum where this topic was located in, won't show any topic stats anymore.

Smilies, signatures, avatars and images are not visible?

You can change the behavior of the topic view in your profile settings. There you can enable smilies, signatures, avatars and images in posts, but they should be enabled by default unless your forum admin has disabled those features. You can see if images and smilies are disabled below the editor. If the labels have a red background, those features aren't available for you.

Why can't I see any topics or forums?

You might not have the correct permissions to do so, ask the forum administrator for more help.

Why can't I see any profiles?

You might not have the correct permissions to do so, ask the forum administrator for more help.

My profile doesn't contain as much as others?

You're profile will only display fields that are enabled and filled in on your profile personality page. You might want to see if you missed some fields.