Patch 13/01/2020

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-New hotkeys:
* ESC closes any window that is currently open.
* Tab to reply to last person who sent you a message.

-New settings:
* Chat font size
* Menu font size
* (Android) Castbox left or right.
* Camera Smoothing On/Off
* Camera auto rotate 90 degree turns or 45.
* Attack option Normal/Left/Right Click.

-MiniQuest UI changes:
* Simplified the quest prompt
* Added all quests available to quest list for preview.

-Inventory lock: It will now hide inventory when hovering on other tabs.
-Team tab will now blink if you've got unread messages, similar to Private tab.
-Market 'Rares' category now includes new rares.

-(Hotfixed awhile ago) Fixed mercenary plates (and tops) with gauntlets
-Channel 2 is now enabled by default.
-Trading is now disabled in DM
-Legacy transfered characters turned into iron men removed.
-Fixed platinum sub dialogue typo.
-Added auto teleport to Edgeville if you login in event areas.
-Updated dragonstone amulet teleport option to new Edgeville.
-Fixed being able to spawn infinite count draynors.
-Fixed Drogo's store not opening
-Disabled door closing in Edgeville
-Added mercenary armour conversion to Thrander.
-Fixed Slayer Amulet teleport error
-Fixed batch window staying open while charging Slayer Amulets.
-Ground Items in DM Area will now be wiped when you leave.
-Disabled ability to teleport out of Edgeville DM Arena.
-Added ::lastdm command to view previous DM stats.

-Core optimizations to help with that lag we've been having.
-Capture the flag now gives 180 points for winner team, kills give 5 points and captures give 40 points.
-Fixed error in automated event system which caused it to stop working.
-"CTF" map boundaries updated, to fix getting kicked while respawning.
-Slayer monsters will now aggro at players who don't meet requirement to kill, but players cannot damage them.
-Fixed being able to open bank in survival by talking to banker prior to entering command.

NOTE: CTF displays "-76" points, it's visual bug.

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Thank you a lot for the patch and new features.

- For skilling the permanent left click feature is very useful. However, consider the caveats pkers have about it in wilderness and TDM -
[1:44 PM] Stolt: Im sure its not ment for wildy, but shouldnt be an option in tdm either

There are unfortunately some bugs.

1. Chat

- Instead of 4 lines with font sizes above 4, there are only 3 or 2 lines. Perhaps it would be possible to have 4 easily readable chat-lines?
- Apparently with the new font sizes, the chat does not scroll down automatically, when a new message is written. (need to test this a bit more)

2. Tab function

- When no pms are yet available and you press the tab putton, "null" appears. If you send a text, the game crashes.
- The tab function does not update to the last player you talked to, it only remembers the first.

3. Mercenary and Thrander

Plate is exchangeable, however not the skirt/legs.

Have a good day

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-New settings:

* Attack option Normal/Left/Right Click.

yikes? plz tell me not pvp ha

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Now we can Exchange Merce Sets on AH?

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Ok i can login now but i cant use my keyboard in game lol

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