Combat Formula Is Bad \ Defense Is OP \ Dragons Need Better Drops

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Let me first start by saying I am damn impressed with the level of creativity that went into the design for rscr. I can easily say that it is top notch, and the team death match system along with wilderness changes are an amazing addition to rsc.

BUT holy hell defense is extremely overpowered in every way imaginable. I have tried many pkers on the formula and 3 hits just don't happen often enough. While it is supposed to be rare, it's way TOO rare. Most of the time I get one big hit and then it flops hard.

Next up we have the casting timer. Now coming from other servers you would think I would enjoy the casting timer. NOPE, the only thing that hits is magic on this server so it just becomes a war of who can 1 second cast fast enough, the hits barely even exist, every fight is just a mage war. The 2 second timer existed to stop this.

Then there is the bullshit armor system. Here I am 82 attack, 88 attack, failing to hit even 30-40 defense each time. It is embarrassingly bad.

Finally there is the economy. I worked my butt off at the dragons for 3 days straight managed to get about 600k worth of drops. I went on my TDM character bought stupid ass colored boots and gloves and fuckers were paying 1 mill each. Excuse me? Thats right! Don't skill, don't kill dragons, just TDM and by funny colored items.

It sucks to say because RSCR was like a return to the past for me, I was heavily enjoying my time until the cracks started to show. I beg you, please fix what's broken so our game can return to former glory.

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I agree definitely not enough 3 hits.  In staking defense doesn't feel powerful enough though; the lvl 61 scene is dominated by 40 defense accounts.  I think the combat formula from 2015 was the best one they ever had.


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Agreed +1


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