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Deadman mode season running for two weeks, ending on July 30th.

About Deadman

This game mode is similar to the Deadman mode found on OSRS, where players play in a full world PvP environment. Deadmen walk, fight in the same world as regular players, but are limited to F2P area without Wilderness. Players are required to be completely self-sufficient, everyone stands alone. Players participate in 1vs1 combat only, game mechanics don't allow multiple players to cast or range one victim. Quick changing of opponents is also not possible.


Deadman mode is hosted with a philosophy that Deadmen must be self-sufficient, gather their own resources and always risk their own hard work. This season we have solutions in place that will report suspicious activity to Moderators on Discord. If you break rules, we will know without needing to go digging into logs or wait for the community to report you.

  • Owning more than one Deadman character is not allowed;
  • Sharing Deadmen characters is not allowed;
  • Trading items is disabled and not allowed, there should be no attempt in transferring wealth to other players;
  • Suiciding to players to lose levels or give away wealth is not allowed;
  • Using mules to hold or transfer items is not allowed;
  • Swapping items between regular game mode and Deadman is not allowed, game moderators can only transfer you subscription cards;
  • There will be no such thing as giving away characters as a gift if quitting. If you quit, we can make things easy by banning the character;

If you break any of the rules above, all related parties will be banned or at least their banks will be wiped. If someone has multiple characters, staff will make contact and allow picking one character to play on without the ability to transfer wealth. If you want to created a new build, you are free to reset your combat stats with the help of Deadman NPC for free.

Main changes since last season

  • Max combat level - 63;
  • Improved 1vs1 combat experience;
  • Deadman Satchel item that automatically gathers skilling supplies in order to have inventory ready for fighting;
  • No multi-combat zones;
  • Safe zones - Edgeville, Falador East, Varrock West banks and Lumbridge ;
  • Immunity system reworked;
  • In-game view for Deadman statistics and highscores;
  • Deadmen characters can be hidden on website highscores;
  • Deadman supplies shop reworked;
  • Benefits for subscribers;
  • Bug fixes based on player feedback;
  • Mods automatically informed about multilogging, suiciding, attempting to attack your own character;

Deadman mode main features

  • Full World PVP (F2P map), except Edgeville, Falador East, Varrock West banks and Lumbridge;
  • Deadmen have access to Weapons and Armour, Supplies and Deadmen market shops though Deadman NPC. Everything you need you can buy from shop;
  • Whole world is single-combat;
  • Player killing you can raid your bank and get a percentage of your belongings;
  • Depending on the combat level of the opponent killing you, you will lose a percentage of unprotected stats on death (can protect 5 stats);
  • Access to safety deposit box for 10 items (not stacks);
  • Access only to f2p world, items and skills;
  • Attack range (wilderness level) in the whole map is 15 levels;
  • Characters will have a combat level cap of 63, any character build is possible, but combat xp gain will stop when combat level of 63 is reached;
  • Double experience rate (2x RSCR Rates);
  • There are special training areas accessible only by Deadmen through the map;
  • Deadman Satchel item to automatically gather skilling supplies in order to have inventory ready for fighting;
  • Killing NPC’s generates coin drops based on NPC combat level

Other features

  • No access to Wilderness;
  • No access to Auction House;
  • No trading between players;
  • Completely separate economy, stores from the regular players;
  • Teleporting and logging out requires you to stand still for 10 seconds;
  • Betty's Magic Emporium and Aubury's Rune Shops will have boosted 500 elemental runes in stock as well as 100 death runes;
  • Lowe's Archery Store will have 600 bronze arrows and 450 bolts in stock;
  • Fishing will yield 2x times the fish;
  • Mining will yield 2x times the ore;
  • Some of the available quests will be automatically completed: Cook's assistant, Imp catcher, Sheep shearer, Romeo and Juliet, Doric's quest, Witch's potion, The Restless Ghost and Shield of Arrav;
  • Two runite ores added in Rimmington, can be mined only by Deadmen;
  • Deadmen can't obtain clue scrolls;
  • Shantay and blue moon inn banks are disabled;
  • Deadmen receive a set of startup items to make the start easier;
  • For doing Dragon Slayer quest, plank has been spawned in Barbarian Village;
  • Deadmen can't receive quest XP while they have xp gain buffed after previous death;
  • Protect Items prayer and Home Teleport are disabled for Deadmen;
  • Free fish is enabled for Deadmen however, you must be out of combat for 60 seconds to gain fish;
  • Rune plate rights can be bought by using a platinum subscription in game and selecting "Buy item rights";
  • Deadman death locations are announced in the global chat kill feed;
  • Type ::deadman to see how many deadmen are online currently;

1vs1 fighting and other combat restrictions

Deadman mode is based on an idea that players must be self-sufficient, fight alone and keep it real. With every season we are making improvements to make Deadman the mode where you are most likely to get fair fights. This season we are taking additional steps against teaming. In summary Deadman combat restrictions are:

  • Whole world is single-combat, no more multi areas;
  • If one person is casting or ranging a player, other players can’t;
  • When you leave combat with a player you can’t jump to fight another, or start fighting an NPC;
  • NPC’s are not aggressive against players who have recently ran away from a PvP fight;
  • When you kill someone you are immune from attacks for 10 seconds;
  • When someone sends a projectile at you, other person can melee attack or do the same only in 10 seconds;
  • When you leave melee combat, you can start another player only in 30 seconds;

Experience Rates

  • 25x combat experience rate (29X subbed)
  • 20X secondary combat rate (24X  Subbed)
  • 15X skilling rate (19X subbed)

Subscriber benefits

  • Increased xp rates;
  • Increased coin drops from NPC’s
  • Increased Deadman Satchel storage;

Subscriptions can be given to Deadman characters by using the subscription card on your character. Cards can also be transferred with staff help, if you need assistance, please contact us.

Skilling with Deadman Satchel

The Deadman Satchel is a unique item designed to enhance gameplay in the Deadman mode by allowing players to remain combat-ready while engaging in skilling activities. It offers the convenience of automatically collecting resources from activities such as mining and woodcutting. However, it's important to note that the satchel contents will be lost upon death, unlike the bank, where only a percentage of items is lost, or the safety deposit box, which provides full protection but has limited capacity.

The primary functionality of the Deadman Satchel can be summarised as follows:

Collection of Resources: When engaging in activities like mining or woodcutting, the satchel will automatically gather the obtained resources and store them within itself.

Combat Readiness: Despite focusing on skilling, the satchel allows players to maintain their combat equipment and readiness, ensuring they can quickly transition into combat if needed.

Limited Capacity: The satchel has a finite capacity to store resources. Once it reaches its maximum capacity, the player will need to visit a bank to deposit the contents before continuing their skilling activities.

Loss on Death: In the event of the player's death, the contents of the satchel will be lost entirely. This introduces an element of risk, as players must weigh the benefits of using the satchel against the potential loss of accumulated resources upon death.

The Deadman Satchel offers an alternative method for resource collection and combat readiness in Deadman mode, promoting a dynamic and strategic approach to gameplay. Players must carefully manage their satchel's contents, balancing the benefits of resource accumulation with the risk of losing everything upon death.

Satchel can store 125 items in total (not stacks), storage space can be increased by subscribing your character. +125 for Gold Subscription and + 125 for Platinum Subscription.

Visually Satchel has interface just like bank, you can organise it, deposit notes to it, withdraw items as notes works only while being inside a bank. Banker NPC can deposit whole satchel content to bank through dialogue.

If you lose the Satchel, you can get another one from Deadman Npc.

Getting gp, gear and supplies

In this mode getting gear is not difficult, we have added various shortcuts that help players accumulate wealth quickly as well as all main supplies are available in the store through Deadman NPC in Edgeville and Lumbridge.

Mining ores, chopping trees, fishing gives you 2x the resources, if you have Deadman Satchel in inventory they can be gathered very quickly. Resources that you collect can be sold to shops for some quick gp.

Killing players get you part of their bank, most active and successful PKers can raise funds quickly.

Killing NPC’s gives you coins that go straight into your inventory. The amount of coins depends on the combat level of the NPC and your subscription status.

  • No subscription: npc combat level * 9
  • Gold subscription: npc combat level * 12
  • Gold + Platinum subscription: npc combat level * 15

Death in Deadman Mode

If you die with a skull

  • You will lose a percentage from 10 most valuable stacks in your bank to the Bank Raid Chest. (Higher level opponent -> smaller percentage)
  • You will lose percentage of all unprotected stats (Higher level opponent -> Smaller percentage)

If you die unskulled

If you have taken damage from a player:

  • You will lose a smaller percentage from 10 most valuable stacks in your bank to the Bank Raid Chest. (Higher level opponent -> smaller percentage)
  • You will lose a smaller percentage of all unprotected stats (Higher level opponent -> Smaller percentage)
  • You will lose all items from your inventory and equipment

Maximum loss percentage is 50%, minimum is 15%.

If you have not taken any damage from a player:

  • You keep 3 most valuable items
  • You don't lose any bank items
  • You don't lose any experience

If you die and lose experience, your experience rate for that skill is doubled until you reach the experience you once had.

If you die while having a Deadman Satchel in inventory to a player, opponent gets 50% coin value of your satchel contents. If you die to an NPC Satchel just vanishes. Contents of the Satchel are always lost.

Bank Raid Keys & Chests

If you manage to kill a player in Deadman Mode, you will receive a Deadman Key. This key will give you access to a chest which contains a percentage of 10 most valuable stacks from the opponent's bank.

Deadman Key:

  • Received upon killing a player;
  • Unlocks bank raid chest;
  • Cannot be traded, banked, only destroyed;
  • When you kill a player who has got Deadman Keys in his inventory, you will get his keys;
  • You can only hold a maximum of five keys at a time, if you have five keys and kill someone, the key will not be dropped.

Bank Raid Chest:

  • Deadman keys should be used on Bank Raid Chest located in Edgeville bank;

Safety Deposit Box

Deadmen have an option to keep their most valuable items safe using a safety deposit box which can hold up to 10 items, not stacks. The box can be accessed through Bankers.

Stat protection

You can protect stats from being reduced on death:

  • 1 Combat skill (attack, strength and defense);
  • 1 Secondary combat skill (prayer, magic and ranged);
  • 3 Skilling stats.

Hitpoints are auto-calculated on death.
You can protect your stats by opening stat menu and right clicking the stat you want to protect, and selecting "Protect <stat>".

Combat stat reduction

If you’d like to change the build of your account you have two options, both are accessible through Deadman NPC.

  • Reduce one combat stat to 1 or nearest rounded number, for example 49 to 40. This costs Platinum Subscription Card.;
  • Reset your combat status fully, this means becoming Combat Level 3 again. The reset affects combat stats only - Attack, Strength, Defence, Hits, Prayer, Ranged and Magic. The reset is done for free.

Suiciding to players to reduce stats is now a bannable offence.

Skull mechanism

  • Skull default time is 15 minutes, maximum skull time 30 minutes;
  • Each time you attack a player while you are skulled, your skull timer is reset and your skull time is extended by two minutes.
  • If you attack a player 30 or more levels below you, your skull time is set to 30 minutes.
  • Your skull timer does not tick down if you stand still. You have to be on the move to lose your skull.
  • Players who attack you when you are skulled will not get skulled themselves.
  • Safe zones have high level guards, which attack skulled players trying to enter it.


Each time you kill a player, your kill-streak increases. This is indicated by your skull color changing.
Additionally, the amount of Deadman Keys you hold in your inventory is indicated above skull by key icons.


Deadman Appearance

- Deadman Characters will have their name drawn in blood red, in chat and above head.
- Attack option is only shown on deadman players.


Attackable levels
Combat level range can be seen in bottom right of a Deadman's client screen:

Startup gear

Deadmen will receive some gear to help them get ahead in the game a bit quicker:

Deadman statistics and prize list

For prizes similar to last year Deadmen can compete for killing the most NPCs of various types as well as compete on statistics from various skilling and player killing activities. To see where you rank in all categories type ::highscore in-game. This season characters can be hidden in the highscores, however this does not affect the listing you can see in-game.

  • DMM_gold_won (while raiding banks victims banks):
  • 1st: 150M + Draco Whip
  • 2nd: 100M + 30 Diamond Pinata
  • 3rd: 50M + 30 Gold Pinata
  • DMM_gold_lost (while getting your bank raided from death) - holy symbol of resurrection
  • DMM_keys_used - 3 x Disk of reset
  • DMM_fires_lit - 30 smelting eggs
  • DMM_feathers_gathered - 20k Rune Arrows
  • DMM_spells_casted - 30k Death Runes
  • DMM_coins_from_npcs_received - 10 mill gp
  • DMM_arrows_shot - 10 Banana Eggs
  • DMM_raw_swordfish_caught - Perm Cooked fish perk enabled on one account for a year (regular accounts only)
  • DMM_coal_mined - 30 mining eggs
  • DMM_runite_mined - OG Scythe
  • DMM_r2h_made - 100 rune sets

Most kills for:

  • Imp(Lv:5) - Rainbow Phat
  • Cow(Lv:8) - White Phat
  • Darkwizard(Lv:13)- Black Phat
  • Pirate(Lv:27) - Pink Phat
  • Guard(Lv:28) - Rainbow Phat
  • Hobgoblin(Lv:32) - Yellow Phat
  • Ice Giant(Lv:68) - Red Phat
  • Barbarian(Lv:16) - Cyan Phat
  • Warrior(Lv:18) - Green Phat

Overall the best Deadman decided by Kleio and Terror will receive $250 Gift Card (or equivalent in local currency)

Statistics view in-game:

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It says npcs will not attack players after combat with another player but keep in mind this doesnt apply to mage and range attacks! the npcs will still attack you if you are getting maged. x,x