Deadman Season Starts 8pm UK time Friday! 14th July!

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Attention, esteemed citizens of RSCRevolution!


I come bearing delightful news that will surely send shivers of excitement down your pixelated spines. Are you ready for it? Brace yourselves!

Drumroll, please

This coming Friday at the unholy hour of 8pm UK time (check the countdown), we shall commence the grand spectacle of the next Deadman Mode Season!

Prepare your wits, sharpen your swords, and stock up on an abundance of snacks because this season will span the remaining month of July! That's right, an entire 2 weeks of unforgiving battles, and hair-raising encounters awaits.

If you're craving more details (and I know you are), venture forth to the sacred post at It holds the secrets that will guide you on your perilous journey.

Deadman statistics and prizes await those bold enough to emerge victorious. You can compete for the most glorious NPC slaughters and showcase your prowess in various skilling and player-killing activities. To witness your rise through the ranks, simply type ::highscore in-game. Ah, the thrill of chasing greatness!

There will be prizes set for each category and cash prizes for those in the top 3 deadman totaling around 500usd, more details on this will follow, essentially each deadman will be ranked using a system of points based on skill levels and ranks.

The stage is set, the countdown is on. Prepare yourselves, my valiant warriors, for a month of unrivaled adventure and bone-chilling encounters!

Good luck

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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