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A standard in RPGs yet never before attempted in RSC, the in-game world-map is boon for new players and veterans alike.
This is absolutely a fantastic achievement for the community, and a triumph of n0m's coding abilities as well as the abilities of all the staff who pitched in to place the information and icons.
  • Worldmap drawn from latest landscape and objects cache for fully accurate and up-to-date experience
  • Points of interest labeled with keywords and icons for your convenience.
    Wondering which fish are at this location? Hover over the icon for details.
  • Skip the Wiki. Interactive search bar shows you exactly where you want to go.
  • Full map includes dungeons, upstairs levels, and hidden areas.
  • Click the world map button on the bottom right corner to get started.


Do right click on map and Download.
Enjoy map and game!

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Absolutely epic guys!

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Nice thx !


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Thats cool!