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hello and good evening (my time). first and foremost id like to apologize to the moderators and players i offended in my extravogant rampage of being stupid and extremely racist for no reason. is no excuse for my behavior and i know that racism isn't a joke but i PABLO am not racist. I was just under alot of mental stress.
But I am very level headed now a days and I have since then got back on my meds and promise to never act the way i did if the staff members were to unban me. i have been counseling with (clan rally) and he is a very good man, regardless of what anyone thinks. he has helped me overcome many obstacles in my short lived life and i praise him for doing so. perhaps consider him as a mod one day because hes legit a badass and i owe it all to him, with all this being said. please un ban me? any small bannable offense i may or may not break in the future can lead to a permanent ip ban if you will. i dont care because from here on out i promise to be a rule abiding citizen during my time at RSCREV. i love you guys and once again. i am so very deeply sorry.

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PabloRSC Ban Appeal

Produced by Clan Rally
Directed by Clan Rally
Written by Clan Rally
Casting Director Clan Rally
Starring Pablo

Special thanks to RSC members and moderators, this couldn't of been made without your support.

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Dear player, I appreciate your message
But I gotta keep it real, you acted kinda savage
Racism ain't a joke, it's serious business
And when you acted like that, you offended many witnesses

You say you're not a racist, but your actions spoke louder
And now you're asking to be unbanned, I gotta ponder
You're counseling with someone, that's a good step
But will that really make your behavior better in our rep?

You promise to be a rule abiding citizen from now on
But forgive me for being cautious, I don't wanna be wrong
I don't wanna see you banned again, or worse, IP banned
So I gotta make sure, before I lift this ban

I appreciate your apology, it takes courage to admit your mistake
But it's not just about words, actions are what we'll take
So, I'll consider your appeal, and take all factors in
And if we unban you, I hope you'll be a better man

But until then, stay banned, think about what you've done
And if you truly change, we'll welcome you back, one by one

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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