Deadman Christmas [Live]

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Deadman mode has returned to RSCR as a Christmas event! For this holiday - very high xp rate, better holiday token drops, easier skilling, gear available to purchase in stores, coin drops from npc’s!

This game mode is similar to the Deadman mode found on OSRS, where players play in a full world PvP environment. Deadmen won't be playing on a separate world, they will be playing along with regular players. Deadmen are a new character type just like iron-men or veteran mode.

DMM players are required to be completely self-sufficient, at the bottom of the post there is a list of rules that Deadmen must follow. Please read them and if you believe that you won't be able to follow them, do not play DMM and enjoy gathering holiday tokens on regular characters.

During the Christmas event Deadmen get additional 20% boost for tokens, as well as get tokens for every player they kill. Tokens from Deadmen can be transferred to main accounts on request to player moderators.

To join the Deadman experience, please create a new character and ask to become a deadman in the first room.

Deadman mode main features

  • Full World PVP (F2P map), except in safe zones: Karamja fishing platform,  part of Lumbridge and banks: New Edgeville, Varrock West, Falador East, Lumbridge;
  • Deadmen have access to a shared deadman shop in Edgeville, this is equipped with all the items you probably need, you can also sell to this shop;
  • Majority of world is single-combat, zone around Edgeville is multi-combat;
  • Player killing you can raid your bank and get a percentage of your belongings;
  • Depending on the combat level of the opponent killing you, you will lose a percentage of unprotected stats on death (can protect 5 stats);
  • Access to safety deposit box for 10 items (not stacks);
  • Access only to f2p world, items and skills;
  • Attack range (wilderness level) in the whole map is 15 levels;
  • Characters will have a combat level cap of 60, any character build is possible, but combat xp gain will stop when combat level of 60 is reached;
  • Double experience rate (2x RSCR Rates);
  • There are special training areas accessible only by Deadmen through the map;

Other features

  • No access to Wilderness;
  • No access to Auction House;
  • No trading between players;
  • Completely separate economy, stores from the regular players;
  • Teleporting and logging out requires you to stand still for 10 seconds;
  • Betty's Magic Emporium and Aubury's Rune Shops will have boosted 500 elemental runes in stock as well as 100 death runes;
  • Lowe's Archery Store will have 600 bronze arrows and 450 bolts in stock;
  • Fishing will yield 2x times the fish;
  • Mining will yield 2x times the ore;
  • Some of the available quests will be automatically completed: Cook's assistant, Imp catcher, Sheep shearer, Romeo and Juliet, Doric's quest, Witch's potion, The Restless Ghost and Shield of Arrav;
  • Two runite ores added in Rimmington, can be mined only by Deadmen;
  • Deadmen can't obtain clue scrolls;
  • Shantay and blue moon inn banks are disabled;
  • Deadmen receive a set of startup items to make the start easier;
  • While killing NPC's Deadmen will have a chance to get a random supply drop;
  • For doing Dragon Slayer quest, plank has been spawned in Barbarian Village;
  • Deadmen can't receive quest XP while they have xp gain buffed after previous death;
  • Protect Items prayer and Home Teleport are disabled for Deadmen;
  • Free fish is enabled for Deadmen however, you must be out of combat for 60 seconds to gain fish;
  • Deadmen can do all F2P quests (some are auto completed) - You can buy plate rights if you wish by using a platinum subscription in game and selecting "buy item rights";

Main changes for this season

  • It has been made more difficult to jump from combat with one player to another;
  • Not possible to attack npc’s when running from combat as well ar not aggressive at players running from combat;
  • While killing NPC's Deadmen will receive some gold for supplies;
  • Supplies shop with runes, gear, food;
  • Supplies shop acts as a general store Deadmen can sell and buy items from;
  • While killing NPC's Deadmen will receive some gold for supplies;
  • Death locations are announced in the global chat kill feed;


Experience Rates

25x combat experience rate (29X subbed)
20X secondary combat rate (24X  Subbed)
15X skilling rate (19X subbed)


Subscriptions can be given to DMM chars by using the subscription card on your DMM character. Cards can also be transferred to DMM chars with staff help, if you need assistance, please contact a staff member.

Death in Deadman Mode

If you die with a skull

  • You will lose a percentage from 10 most valuable stacks in your bank to the Bank Raid Chest. (Higher level opponent -> smaller percentage)
  • You will lose percentage of all unprotected stats (Higher level opponent -> Smaller percentage)

If you die unskulled:

If you have taken damage from a player:

  • You will lose a smaller percentage from 10 most valuable stacks in your bank to Bank Raid Chest. (Higher level opponent -> smaller percentage)
  • You will lose a smaller percentage of all unprotected stats (Higher level opponent -> Smaller percentage)
  • You will lose all items from your inventory and equipment

Maximum loss percentage is 50%, minimum is 15%.

If you have not taken any damage from a player:

  • You keep 3 most valuable items
  • You don't lose any bank items
  • You don't lose any experience

If you die and lose experience, your experience rate for that skill is doubled until you reach the experience you once had

Bank Raid Keys & Chests

If you manage to kill a player in Deadman Mode, you will receive a Deadman Key. This key will give you access to a chest which contains a percentage of 10 most valuable stacks from the opponent's bank.

Deadman Key:
- Received upon killing a player;
- Unlocks bank raid chest;
- Cannot be traded, banked, only destroyed;
- When you kill a player who has got Deadman Keys in his inventory, you will get his keys;
- You can only hold a maximum of five keys at a time, if you have five keys and kill someone, the key will not be dropped.

Bank Raid Chest:
-Deadman keys should be used on Bank Raid Chest located in Edgeville bank;

Safety Deposit Box:
Deadmen have an option to keep their most valuable items safe using a safety deposit box which can hold up to 10 items, not stacks. The box can be accessed through Bankers.

Stat protection

You can protect stats from being reduced on death:
- 1 Combat skill (attack, strength and defense);
- 1 Secondary combat skill (prayer, magic and ranged);
- 3 Skilling stats.
Hitpoints are auto-calculated on death.
You can protect your stats by opening stat menu and right clicking the stat you want to protect, and selecting "Protect <stat>".

Skull mechanism

- Skull default time is 15 minutes, maximum skull time 30 minutes.
- Each time you attack a player while you are skulled, your skull timer is reset and your skull time is extended by two minutes.
- If you attack player 30 or more levels below you, your skull time is set to 30 minutes.
- Your skull timer does not tick down if you stand still. You have to be on the move to lose your skull.
- Players who attack you when you are skulled will not get skulled themselves.
- Safe zones have high level guards, which attack skulled players trying to enter it.


Each time you kill a player, your kill-streak increases. This is indicated by your skull color changing.
Additionally, the amount of Deadman Keys you hold in your inventory is indicated above skull by key icons.


Deadman Appearance

- Deadman Characters will have their name drawn in blood red, in chat and above head.
- Attack option is only shown on deadman players.


Single-combat area mechanics

- 20 Second timer after combat before others can attack
- Timer is reset to 20 seconds on any damage from your opponent.
- You cannot attack anyone else but the person attacking you.

Attackable levels
Combat level range can be seen in bottom right of a Deadman's client screen:

Startup gear

Deadmen will receive some gear to help them get ahead in the game a bit quicker:


Deadman mode is hosted with a philosophy that Deadmen must be self sufficient, gather their own resources and always risk their own hard work. For that reason this season we will be implementing strict rules and will be monitoring deadmen related logs for any suspicious activity. This is also involved alternative character.;
- Trading items is disabled and not allowed;
- Selling items in auction house at low prices to make a trade is not allowed;
- Using mules to hold or transfer items is not allowed;
- Swapping items between regular game mode and DMM is not allowed, game moderators can only transfer you subscription cards;
- Trying to gain any wealth in a way that obviously show an attempt to transfer items between chars will be taken as a bannable offense as well. If there are any questionable situations, staff reserves the right to discuss the situation internally and take appropriate action against offenders.

If you find that being self sufficient is not your cup of tea, please do not complain or play DMM trying to break the rules, just skip this particular activity and enjoy the regular game mode. There will be other DMM seasons in the future and the rules may be different, but for this event, these are the rules. Breaking of any DMM rules will result in a ban of all parties involved, ban will count as a ban on regular game mode and may move you towards a list ban if you've been banned in the past.

Deadman statistics

Deadmen are gathering few interested statistics just for fun, when season ends we will announce winners for these categories, these can be find on highscores in Deadmen section. Deadmen are not allowed to hide on highscores.

  • DMM_top_killstreak
  • DMM_gold_won
  • DMM_gold_lost
  • DMM_keys_received
  • DMM_keys_used
  • DMM_fires_lit
  • DMM_tokens_received
  • DMM_feathers_gathered
  • DMM_spells_casted
  • DMM_coins_from_npcs_received
  • DMM_arrows_shot
  • DMM_raw_swordfish_caught
  • DMM_coal_mined
  • DMM_runite_mined
  • DMM_r2h_made

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what are max skills for a deadman?

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^ 99 I think, it's just CB lvl that's limited to 60. And you can't train members skills.

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Secondary combat stats are limited to 80, regular skills not limited.