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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas RSCRevolution. This year for our players will be mostly a token event, you will gain tokens by Skilling/Killing generally playing the game as you normally would. Tokens will be enabled from Friday the 23rd and Disabled on the 2nd January.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte - 250 Tokens
Santa Bag - 500 Tokens
XP Tokens - 1 Token
Rainbow Gloves - 10000 Tokens
Rainbow Boots - 10000 Tokens
Rainbow Amulet - 30000 Tokens
Oyster Pearl Amulet - 30000 Tokens
Halo (gold) - 50000 Tokens
Halo (White) - 25000 Tokens
Life Egg - 1000 Tokens
Shortcut Egg - 1000 Tokens
Auto bury egg - 1000 Tokens
Fish Egg - 1000 Tokens
Double XP Easter Egg- 20000 Tokens
Firework - 100 Tokens
Metal Party Hat - 50000 Tokens
Christmas Seed - 1000 Tokens
Red Cracker- 300,000 Tokens
Silver Cracker - 150,000 Tokens

Rather than introducing lots of new items we decided to bring back some player favourites to give you all another shot at them!

Having said that there are two new items:
- Metal Party Hat
- Christmas Tree Seed - This will plant a Christmas tree, you can chop Christmas trees down for magic logs, once it falls though you will have to replant another one. (some places you will not be able to plant these, such as edgeville)

Double Experience Weekend

Double XP Weekend will run from Saturday 24th and end Sunday 25th.

Deadman New Season - Will be starting soon

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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