Introducing Members Dungeon and Members Slayer Master

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You will find a cave appear in edgeville. To enter this cave you must have a double stacked membership of both gold and platinum. If your membership runs out whilst in the dungeon you will be teleported back to edgeville.

In the cave you will experience an additional boost in slayer XP of +0.5%

The members master is locked to level 75 slayer requirement. You will only get a task if you have the required slayer level to complete it. We will possibly release other masters in the future and adjust NPC's accordingly. You will get a massive 60 slayer points per task completion.

Members slayer master NPC's

Animated Axe
Mountain Dwarf
Fire Giant
Rune Golem
Sand Burrower
Venom Bomber
Lava Golem
Otherworldly Being
Half Life
Man Ghost Spirit
Loaded Chicken
Hydra Snake
Wraith Dragon
Bronze Warden
Steel Warden
Mithril Warden
Addy warden
Rune Warden
Dragonlord Warden
Bronze Dragon
Steel Dragon
Mithril Dragon
Addy Dragon
Greater Demon
Rune Dragon

This will bring some of the end game slayer NPC's that you know and love that are currently locked to wilderness to non wilderness. However, their drops for rare items will be much lower, giving wilderness slayer still the advantage in terms of drops, but if you get bored of fighting for your life in wilderness at least you have another option instead of rage quitting. All ghostly npcs remain a wilderness only.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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This seems cool but not a Christmas event announcement..

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Good job terror/staff

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