Fletching Leveling Guide Please?

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need a guide to fast fletching lvling. Thanks!

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Don't bother making low level arrows like bronze or iron, more expensive and slower exp.

Cut or buy regular logs. Make arrow shafts until lvl 5, move to shortbows until lvl 10, longbows until lvl 20 where you can move up to oak logs. And so on. Click on the fletching skill in your stats tab and it will tell you when you can make what. Do so accordingly.

Given the price of bowstrings, it's always better especially for the lower lvl bows to not bother stringing them. Stringing gives the same exp, and it's way cheaper to just buy more logs. Or if you cut them, much quicker to cut more logs than to go make bow strings.

Once you get to level 85 it may be worth stringing magic longbows, but nothing less than that.

That's really all there is to it. You can mix in making arrows for EXP which may be a little faster with the high level arrows like addy/rune but it may cost you more time and money gathering/buying the supplies for doing that. I would say the logs are the best way.