Ban appeal for OPRAH

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Hello dear server,

As how much i love this server and all of you and we had difficult times and else. Im posting this appeal in name of Oprah as his team member and member if this server whish i love to play and respect. as much admins had personal disputes with oprah and else im asking to give him one last chance. yes he will not write appeal in his own name, this is his priciples. but lets us all remember we had much more toxic players and behaviour here. fuck it. lets not take all this personal. fuck principles. my belief is to enjoy this game and have good time and i love it. but in this situation with oprah and authorities slipped, and now no one want to say sorry and bow, and i completely understand it. so as PIZZA member im writing this in oprah name. fuck the rules, unban oprah and if he fucks up again then god damn ban him for all time and me too. we all need second chance but we all have pride. so im asking to unban oprah, if he get banned second time ban me too. i can survive not playing here. but we all need care each other, we are rarity here.  this is not threat as some mods could say, its just own will i not belong here if i cant care for my team buddys and vouch for them what i respect.  oprah need have second chance.  he will never write appeal cause of his pride. so please understand that. i did all i could, so please understand. this is my last chance, if this not work i have my own pride,  then im gone too. love you all....

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Sorry you cannot appeal for other players. However, Oprah is free to come back. All I asked of him was to treat the mods with respect but he can't agree to those terms.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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