Wild Drop Party and the build up to HALLLOWEEN!

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The mod team will be hosting a wilderness drop party. ::event will be set in wildy.

This will be on SATURDAY THE 15TH AT 9PM GMT

There will be 250+ million GPs worth of items dropped.

Hope to see you all there!

Good booty.

You will die. You will lose all stuff not equipped. You will get angry, but you will use that anger as fuel. Fuel to come back to seek revenge.
3. Anything in your equipment tab will remain on death.
4. All drops that can be equipped will be noted.
5. Entering the drop party arena will automatically and immediately skull your player.
6. Telekinetic grab is disabled in this arena. It will not work.
7. This arena has 3 exits, all leading directly into the high level of the wilderness. (see pic below)
8. The arena will have several banks for this party. One located on the East side of the drop area and one on the West side of the drop area.
9. Logging out inside the arena is not permitted. You must leave the arena entirely prior to logging out.

We are planning other events this month including the following:

- Falador Smelting & Mining events (bank chests inside guilds & next to furnace)
- Runecrafting events - Air, Fire & Death
- Firemaking events -  Vast open area with spawned logs
- Fishing events - Bank chests next to spots
- RSCR Boss events - Bank chest and monks added
- Bank chests close to Woodcut locations
- Bank chests close to Herblaw stores/NPC's

As the likelihood is that it will probably be myself hosting them, I will do some during the UK daytime (10am-12pm), which will benefit EUR and AUS players. Then run it again for a few hours later at night (10pm-12am) to suit our American players.

As for the events, I'm open to suggestions as to when to host these events. There is a strong likelihood that due to how 'OP' some of these events can be, that they will only be running for 1-2 hours at a time.

Alongside this, we have some rather interesting prizes that could be up for grabs via PVP tournaments. I haven't mentioned any particular events as I'd like some feedback for these and as a community, we can come together and work out certain times for these events that suit the masses.

Ideas for these events would be the usual things like; Hunger Games, PVP tournaments (manual or automated), Manual flats or automated 3's boxing tournaments, just to name a few.

The following prizes could be obtained:

- Full commemorative armour
- Composite Bow
- Dragon Pickaxe

Note: If anyone would like to make any donations for further requested events, please feel free to contact a member of the Moderator team.


Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th we will be hosting....A PRE HALLOWEEN REAPER EVENT!

another reaper event i hear you cry?


you will have the chance to get a hold of the new....WHITE GHOST HOOD! spooky stuff!  More information to be released on mini events as it comes , remember mods use there free time to serve you...the people of RSCR! 

More information about the spooktacular NEW HALLOWEEN EVENT! COMING SOON!

All the events that are upcoming will be outlined via the #manual-events channel in discord. I will make sure to use the discord tagging capabilities also to ensure everyone has the same amount of notification. Also, where possible, I will announce it in game beforehand too.

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can we get a countdown for drop party on website? i dont know when it is from my timezone

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very cool I've always missed the wildy drop partys (I'm not a hardcore pker, so no biggy) but I'm gonna try to make this one!

Gonna donate some stuff to events too.

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Synbios said:

very cool I've always missed the wildy drop partys (I'm not a hardcore pker, so no biggy) but I'm gonna try to make this one!

Gonna donate some stuff to events too.

Nice, thanks! If the donation chest in Edgeville doesn't allow your items feel free to contact a member of the mod team and we can put it in to the bank ready smile

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Uhg, I missed it by 40 mins and raged in game about it.

LOOT I'VE GATHERED FROM DROP TRADERS: 3 subscription cards, 2m$, dragon sword, rune chain+legs, 150 gold bar certs, 100 sharks, 1.4k nature runes, 3 dragon sq's, santa hat rebanime.gif