Weathered Hero - 90 Slayer requirement – Shilo Village

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We are proud to introduce another and significant slayer master for those who have worked hard enough to gain 90 slayer!

We hereby announce the introduction of Weathered Hero -  90 Slayer requirement – Shilo Village (quest required to access)

Newish Npcs

Snowman – Steel Boots
Venoms – Anti-venom Shield
Loaded Chicken - Steel Boots
Man Ghost Spirit – Composite Bow.
Cerberus – Ultimate Slayer Mask
Hydra Snake – Composite Bow, Ultimate Slayer Mask
King Skeleton – Anti-Venom Shield, Steel Boots

Brand new to Slayer

Half Life - Prayer drain and poison – Eternal Whip. (edge dungeon)
Queen White Dragon – Dragon Flail, Dragon Chain, Dragon Pickaxe, Dragon Arrows, Dragon Carcass, Dragon Hunter Cape.
Titans 5 Types  – Dragon Tooth (save for later) – Slayer Body, Kite and Legs (matches slayer mask) (edge dungeon) Titans require slayer mask + Liquid Nitrogen to kill.
Armadylian, Zarosian ,Zamorakian ,Guthixary & Saradominist – New prosperity ring - Coloured eye patches (under volcano behind secret wall) (dragon slayer quest required or at least accessed Crandor)
Phantom – New prosperity ring, XP Tokens (volcano)
Soul Eater – New prosperity ring, Xp Tokens (volcano)
Hellion Demon - New prosperity ring (volcano)

New Items:

Prosperity ring - Auto notes items and collects them. Auto burys bones. 20 uses before crumbles.
2863.PNGEternal Whip - 70 attack - + 115 Aim + 54 power
3061.PNGMithril Sabatons - 20 Attack- +10 armour +3 aim +3 power
2757.PNGAdamantite Sabatons - 30 attack - +12 armour +4 aim +4 power
2758.PNGHardened Adamantite Sabatons - 30 attack - +14 armour +5 aim +5 power
3124.PNGRoon Sabatons - 40 attack- You can also harden these if you're brave enough- +15 armour +6 aim +6 power
2759.PNGHardened Roon Sabatons  - 40 attack- +18 armour +7 aim +7 power, +3 prayer
3017.PNGDragon Chain – 60 Defense Requirement - +82 Armour
2782.PNGDragon Pickaxe – 60 Attack to wield, +36 aim + 46 power, sometimes mines two ores at once.
2785.PNGDragon Hunter Cape - +6 Armour, +8 aim +8 power, +10 magic, +10 prayer.
2849.PNGSlayer Body -  60 Defense - +86 armour, +2, aim, +2 power, +3 mage, +3 prayer
3105.PNGSlayer Kite – 60 Defense - +53 armour, +1, aim, +1 power, +3 mage, +3 prayer
3106.PNGSlayer Legs – 60 Defense +51 armour, +1, aim, +1 power, +3 mage, +3 prayer

Gauntlet buffs

Black Gauntlets - +9 armor, +2 aim, +2 power
Mith Gauntlets - +10 armor, +2 aim, +2 power

Adamantite Gauntlets - +11 armor, +3 aim, +3 power

Hardened Adamantite Gauntlets - +13 armor, +4 aim, +4 power, +2 prayer

Roon Gauntlets - +14 armor, +6 aim, +6 power

Hardened Roon Gauntlets - +16 armor, +7 aim, +7 power, +3 prayer

Ghostly Gauntlets - +19 armor, +9 aim, +9 power, +4 mage, +4 prayer

Ring buffs

Unholy Ring - -10 armor, +9 power, -5 prayer
Holy Ring - -10 armor, +9 aim, +4 prayer

New pathfinding

It's fairly common knowledge that the original classic pathfinding was pretty rubbish. The dev's have now had it re-worked which should make your clicks more accurate and less chance at walkbacks etc. If you want to know more on the subject google "server side pathfinding" and hopefully you'll understand it better than me.

Please Note: All item stats etc are subject to change.

Alkharid Desert down ladder Queen White Dragon Lair

Queen White Dragon lair has a fair usage policy. We might in the future IP restrict the place but for now please be sensible, don’t go there on lots of alts and take away the opportunity for others to participate.

Hardened Adamantite

It has been out in game for a couple weeks now but here is the official announcement. Use your addy gear on the same furnace as hardened rune to have a chance at hardening it.
Hardened Large Adamantite Helmet -  +25 armour +2 prayer
Hardened Medium Adamantite Helmet -  +19 armour +2 prayer

Hardened Adamantite Plate Mail Body -  +69 armour +2 prayer

Hardened Adamantite Plate Mail top -  +69 armour +2 prayer

Hardened Adamantite Chain Mail Body -  +44 armour +2 prayer

Hardened Adamantite Plate Mail Legs -  +37 armour +2 prayer

Hardened Adamantite Plated skirt -  +37 armour +2 prayer

Hardened Adamantite Square Shield -  +29 armour +2 prayer

Hardened Adamantite Kite Shield -  +35 armour +2 prayer


Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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lets go!!!
huge update
thank you staff

Can we add warp to slayer ring?
Also a full page for all the slayer items so we can see all stats please

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Amazing update thank you so much!!!!! also thank you so much for posting the stats that is very useful instead of guessing.

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unholy ring really need -10 armor and -pray?
please revert prayer nerf so players can itemise towards whip, as they can towards flail using holy ring.
and so unholy aligns as it does with holy symbol (unholy symbol has high prayer and offensive stats)

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Terror can you add new slayer master teleport to either a slayer ring, amulet, slayer cape, etc. Takes forever to get to shilo

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Archer96 said:

Terror can you add new slayer master teleport to either a slayer ring, amulet, slayer cape, etc. Takes forever to get to shilo

Good idea that others also had, I'm glad to inform you that this is going to happen next reset

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hugely awesomely amazing +1111 slayer update is finally feeling real after patiently waiting! And there's still more to go. Awesome guys! big_smile

Also really glad to see rune gaunts get pumped up. Only being +1 aim over addy gaunts always bothered me. New stats seemed perfectly balanced in my opinion.

Ring buffs are great to see happen too. Most were essentially worthless, but now I can see people paying a few mil for them. I saw an unoly ring on AH for like 1.8m and snatched it up quick.

One bug I've found so far is the new ghostly gaunts, they can be worn with platebodies. I remember the same glitch occurring when the older gauntlets were released too. Unless this is an intended extra benefit over regular gaunts? They are ghostly and invisible, so it would make sense.

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could new items like shadow boots, helm, drag large and kite please have their stats listed too please?


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cro-magnons Send PM


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Sick update thank you to every1 thats worked hard to get this going yall talented at ur skills <3

Thanks terror im stoked on the d pick

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Do all of the new items drop on task only? Or only some?