Queens Jubilee Street Party at Varrock

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As the UK and other countries in the commonwealth prepares for 4 days of street parties and additional time off work we thought we would share some of the fun and games in our very own street party in Varrock!

Come meet some of the Royal Family and the queens corgies in the Varrock Castle.

Mini Quests.

Queen - Show me your worth by killing my guards - Collect 100 Trumpets.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh  - Collect me 100 of those shiny new platinum coins and i'll give you something to remember me by

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge - Ah so you think you're a knight in armour, I have some special armour for you if you prove you're worthy.

Charles, Prince of wales - I need some Pearl Necklaces, A bakers dozen should do me.

Corgies - Collect 50 Crumpets for a reward.

New Commemorative Armours - These have absolutely no stats or requirements.

Large Commemorative Helmet - rare drop
Commemorative Plate Mail Body - Prince William Mini Quest
Commemorative Plate Mail Legs - Charles Mini Quest
Commemorative Shield - Corgie Mini Quest
Queens Guard Hat - Rare Drop - Queen Mini quest
Queens Guard Body  - Rare Drop
Queen guard head (available in make over mage)

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