EVENT OVER 'Flats' F2P PK Tournament - 7th May!

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Tournament no.1:
1st - Red Eagle
2nd - Skying J
3rd - Lenigrast

Tournament no.2:
1st - Elite Sniper
2nd - Lenigrast

Huge thank you again to Stylebender for making a second tournament happen.

Hopefully everyone who participated had fun?

Hi everyone!

As of just recently, (today 03/05) I have been given a seriously generous donation by Stylebender (Ron). Due to this it has been decided that we can now run two tournaments one after another!

Please allow yourselves at least 1 hour for both tournaments, this is a manual tournament so myself and another mod, if available, will be selecting two players at random and then putting them into the DM areas. Once all fighters have an opponent we can toggle the function to allow it to start.

Please check out "Tournament 1" and "Tournament 2" for the prizes!

The rules will be fairly simple as follows:

1. Only accounts level 112-123 will be allowed to enter (99 combat stats, 40 prayer & 69 mage (minimum stats))
2. Bring your own food, armour, runes etc.
3. PK capes are NOT permitted
4. Regular/Rainbow boots/gloves/capes ARE permitted
5. Slayer masks ARE permitted
6. Regular rune armour only IS permitted. No hardened, mercenary etc.
7. Ranging IS permitted (can always be blocked with 40 prayer though)
8. Multiple account logging to enter is NOT permitted - Removal from the event and further action could be taken!


This is the location for the tournament, as you can see there is an altar for you to use during your battles.

A typical set up for this tournament would be like so:- F2P-Pk-1.png or F2P-Pk-2.png
Now the boring stuff is out of the way we can move on to the prizes!

Tournament 1
1st Place - Light blue party hat Phat.png
2nd Place - 5m GP, 10 Rune sets (f2p) & 2k Fire blast casts
3rd Place - 3m GP, 5 Rune sets (f2p) & 500 Fire blast casts

Tournament 2
1st Place - 50 Million GP
2nd Place - 100 Rune sets (f2p)


I'm looking to start the event at 10PM BST (UK) which, if correct, should be these times elsewhere around the world:

I'd like to ask all participants to be logged in and ready to be paired up at least 5 minutes before

I'm open to suggestions for the times, however for me to host it, it would have to be after 10PM UK

Donations for this event made by Tha Playah, Dolius and Stylebender. If anyone would like to donate for this event, or maybe for a follow up PK tournament directly afterwards, please contact myself or another Staff Member. If we get enough then I can run another event. If not and you have already donated, your donation will be refunded.

Kind Regards,

RSCR Staff Team

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Posts: 62

Event is now over, the original post has been edited to display the winners of each tournament! Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch and participate!