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hello my name is jani in real world..
i want speak this rscrevotion world..

i came here to your server about 6 months ago. it all started from there i have to talk about myself ..
I myself played these games at a young age so I did not go to the wrong waters. I came here for my own youth to spend a while on the rune long of what it did when I got one sometimes when I started this on the right server.
But I've been playing on your server for months now.
and i have rune 2h and pk this server ...
i like that .. fighting peple for fun!

don't be mad at me but I'll tell you these downsides from this server where we play now.

correct if truth be told the players on the server who are here in about 30 days these web page player numbers are not real

but what if you are a new player here?

new players will take you here really well at the beginning ..

but once you have developed your own players as before, sometimes on a real Server and would like to go to Wilderness to fight and get those old Memories back ..

but here it is done so that
then once you have got everything from you to this game


going to Wilderness on the server (when there is a player there)

there if you die then you always have to lose everything i hope the server will be called deathscape?

if you run away after running out of food as you normally would on a server

I guess you know that a server can make millions of thunderstorms.

Remember that this "cream people" live on the server
who has been playing for 5-10 years already on the server.
I say they have a trillion trillions of money. !!!!Never gone up!!!

then I still say that many so-called motorcycle
there are a lot of groups on the server that use codes.
this server also doubles during xp I play about 100-200 people on the server I think really well but 50% of them can do fletching without sleeping because sleeping not need!

from the so-called "big Merchant"
which, on the other hand, is only used by the rich. isn't it going from poor to rich .. I have understood this myself.
thanks for all who read that! and i know this server now. !
i need some txt back.. but this server need some help 

Thanks for the reader! and Good Luck this server Respect!

and my banned this server can some tell me that? i "fuked" with the crispy i dont answer him! why i know all hate that man this server and i know that, and i sell the rune arrow maybe the crispy ??  thats i say you crisp y..  dont kill never your man.. thanks if you read this 
but I am really sorry about this telecom 
and i don't know why all my accounts are banned :T jani! GF

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Sorry we do not allow cheating here. You were banned on many characters and the final straw was when you were auto selling arrows in catherby to the shop. We decided enough was enough and list banned you.

We may allow you to play again but you must first come to terms with the fact that everyone plays legit here or they end up in the same position you found yourself in.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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