Please unban my account after 4-5years?

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Hi staff,

I had my main on here named "Heyan Ray" Cb 100+ banned, i used a autoclick program that clicked on collered pixels (downloaded from web wasnt rscrevolution based)
i got warned and then banned,i would also like to appologize to the mods at that time, i havent been able to recover since then (in game) this was the first account i did actually play rsc on in a while(i used to always bot back in the normal RSC days and i bet most of us did) , i also used some auto clickers but mainly played it legit, would be really cool if i could get it unbanned after all these years.

ive learned my lesson obviously tongue

Much love,


e/I believe i Was banned for selling rune arrows in the store (autoclicking the X1 button) not for anything to really ruin the game or gain a unfair exp advantage.

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Thanks for your appeal. I have reviewed the footage and spoken to the Mod who banned you. We are happy to unban the account. Please do not use any cheat programs in future.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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