QoL Updates - October 2021

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- All Mercenary armours added to Thrander.
- Red Mercenary armour added to store, all skirts and female tops removed but can convert at thrander. (yes purple plate is missing)
- Death match more players messages so you know what's going on.
- Quick gear fixed - no more missing items.
- Sledgehammers - can be used in combat against gargoyles.
- New idle timers ::idletimer 5, ::idletimer 10 and ::idletimer 15 need to be gold subbed to use 10 and platinum to use 15
- Smithing cape fixed -  should now work with chance of smelting 2 gold bars at once.
- Batched torch salving. (this is currently bugged)
- Runecrafting cape sold by Duke Horacio.
- Player mods can now ::unfreezeplayers if they get stuck.
- New Shanty npc can be bribed for quick access to desert 10k coins straight from bank.
- Rainbow amulet changed from Ruby amulet of strength stats to Diamond Amulet of Power stats.
- Stackable items using quick gears, if you have less for example runes than when you saved the quick gear slot, it will still load what you have.
- Hotspot multiplier added for Slayer and Runecrafting.
- Runecrafting Multiplier at level 99 has been fixed

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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very nice

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cool update think you should always add dialogue that stays when you complete a slayer task save some time not knowing if your task is complete or not