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Hey everyone, just wanted to leave a quick guide of how to get the game client running on Linux. I have seen a little bit of confusion, along with having some of my own.

Firstly, you will need Java and Oracle Java, the following link will lead you Oracle, just make sure to select the package that goes with your linux distro. … loads.html   .... Most linux distros come with java if yours doesnt pass the following commands to terminal  "sudo apt update"    "sudo apt install default-jdk"
now days openjdk is often what you have by default instead of Oracle and in my experience it doesnt work for the client so you will need to install Oracle, this is the problem i had to begin with

After you have both of these the rest is easy, nagivate to the download page for client here on the website and save the file, i choose to use Downloads folder...remember to launch game from terminal you will have to be in the correct directory so after its downloaded simply pass "cd Downloads/" to terminal then "java -jar RSCRevolutions.jar" will launch the client

for clarification the commands are whats inside the quotation marks, not including them

Happy Scaping

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It's even easier on Arch based systems like Manjaro, I've made a package for the game, you just search for rscrevolution and click install and it will install the game and java for you and be ready to play big_smile