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Introducing Shared Slayer Tasks:

You can now share the task you're given with your friends using the ::sharetask friendsname command. They will then be invited to accept or decline your offer, provided they meet the required Slayer level. Currently, this feature is free for testing purposes, but in the future, a cost of slayer points per share might be introduced. Our commands do not allow spaces in names so please use - for spaces for example ::sharetask terror-bites

Key Points:

- Each task can only be shared once.
- If you receive a shared task you cannot extend it but the sharer can extend before sharing.
- You cannot share a task that has been shared with you.
- This feature allows you to slay together with a friend.
- If you accept a task, any task you're on will be lost forever.
- You can use it as a free "skip" for your current task, though this might change later, requiring completion of your current task before sharing.
- You cannot share tasks with your own alts.
- Task selling is strictly forbidden.
- All shared tasks are logged in staff Discord to monitor for abuse, so report any misuse immediately.

Healing Your Friend

When a friend is low on health and about to die, perhaps they're afk, you can now use Cooked Shark, Swordfish, or Manta Ray to heal them. This feature works only outside of the wilderness and cannot be used on your own characters or ironmen. (if this feature proves popular more healing options may be added)

Important Notes:

Both the shared Slayer tasks and the healing feature are in Beta mode, meaning they may change or be removed at any time.
Your feedback is always welcome, and please report any bugs as our testing capabilities are limited.
Enjoy these new features and happy slaying!

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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