[EVENT OVER] Skill Island Returns

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A skilling weekend is upon us.

The last event delivered a great deal of benefits to all kinds of players on the server, giving them opportunities to complete certain skills & tasks in the comfort of a vast and bespoke skilling area.

What can be expected?

Firstly, you can expect the following, but not limited to;

  • Ranges, Anvils, Furnaces etc. within mere steps of a Bank Chest
  • Iron, Coal, Mith, Adamantite, Roonite & Roon Essence mining rocks
  • Various trees
  • Fishing spots
  • Various thieving NPC's
  • A wide variety of NPC's with Ranging and/or Casting locations as well as access to melee

The main event for players will be Love Dragons!

I have donated three different coloured party hats which will be added one at a time for the 3 days this will run for. Once it's gone, it's gone until the next day. There's no set time for the hat to be added. It's dependant on Terror's availability.

How do I get there?

Once the event has been started probably around 7-8AM GMT, you can simply type ::event from any non wilderness or event location. To leave the area you can either type ::leave, teleport out or speak to a Skipper who will return you to Edgeville.

! ! ! WARNING ! ! !
Some of the monsters in the area are very easily capable of killing your characters, therefore, it is is strongly advised that you do not enter the enclosed combat areas with any monster whilst wearing items in which you don't want to risk losing!


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I love these events!!! Thank you

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Yaster said:

I love these events!!! Thank you

You're welcome, enjoy! smile