GUCCI , GUCCI and MORE! June update is here!

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Hello Players,

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new addition to the game – a brand new shop called GUCCI! Within this shop, you will discover a variety of delightful treats, including gilded items, cats, and satchels!

(Please note that items may be subject to change if necessary.)

But wait, there's more!

To purchase these Gucci items, you will need a new currency called "bonds."

This is a fresh currency that you must meet in the GUCCI shop. One million hard-earned gold coins will get you one bond! No more dealing with the maximum stack limits – now you can showcase your wealth with bonds!

Bonds can be traded and used for staking as well!!

****** Cat Changes  * *******

Cats will mature from getting food and attention as you navigate through the game and while you're accruing skill experience.

Growth points have been retired for a more transparent system of progress - growth experience. Every single action that makes progress on the cat will result in XP, just like any other skill in the game. Growth points will be automatically converted to experience 1 point = 100 experience. To get the growth experience you should be walking, training and interacting with the cat.

Actions that gain experience:
Stroking: 20xp;
Playing using an ball of wool: 30xp;
Feeding: 30xp;
20 map tiles walked: 5xp;
Gaining any skill while having the cat: 2xp;

Growth stages:

Teen cat: 500,000xp;
Adult cat: 1,250,000xp

******* PK point changes: **********

0-10 wildy 25 points per kill
11-20 wildy  50 points per kill
20-30  wildy 100 points per kill
30-56 wildy  150 points per kill

Party hats have been removed from player killing caskets, replaced with higher pk supplies which is their true intention.

Hotspot now requires 220k of risked item value to hold.

********* Clue Cape Shop **********

In September 2023, a new command ::clueinfo was introduced, allowing players to see the number of Clues they have completed from that point forward.

Now, we are releasing a new Clue Shop, managed by the Clue Guru, located in Edgeville. The shop offers the following items:

Easy Clue Cape: Requires 50 Easy Clues completed to buy. Costs 100k gold. Holds one of each clue item from the Easy Clues category.

Medium Clue Cape: Requires 100 Medium Clues completed to buy. Costs 200k gold. Holds one of each clue item from the Medium Clues category
Hard Clue Cape: Requires 150 Hard Clues completed to buy. Costs 300k gold. Holds one of each clue item from the Hard Clues category.

Wild Clue Cape: Requires 200 Wild Clues completed to buy. Costs 500k gold. Holds one of each clue item from the Wild Clues category.

(as some clue items are weapons you cannot take these capes to Entrana)

You can also add your clue items straight from your bank via.the cape!
But wait!
With all capes they hold a EXTRA clue! Aswell as your trusty spade!

Happy clue hunting!

We hope you enjoy these little additions. We are currently working on the next round of quality of life updates, so stay tuned for more news!

Mod Team

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