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Dear Players,

Since Kleio gave me full source access to the game, I’ve pretty much spent every spare hour learning the ins and outs. While I’m not yet at the level of n0m or Kleio, I do feel confident enough to refocus back on the game, now with the ability to make some changes.

What’s Going to Change:

Mod Playa and Mod Dolius will be in charge of new content. I will still need to code things, but the ideas and sprites will come from them.

Mod Dice Man and I will handle player problems, support tickets, and any other issues that arise.

The event moderation team will continue to assist players and organize events.

We will try to listen to players opinions on current content and future content and adjust accordingly. Please use the suggestions support system to submit them. Please do not get offended if we don't use all your suggestions. We always have the bigger picture for game balance etc. so not every suggestion will be doable.

You will see me actively playing the game a bit more. I believe it's important to actually play the game, not just moderate or develop it. It's easy to get stuck in the past and not move forward. If you do see me on my player account please bare this is mind, I will obviously help where I can but if things aren't urgent open a support ticket and let me play for a bit.

Kleio remains the big boss. He has some big ideas and is currently focused on making the gameplay of Cats easier and more rewarding.

We have several updates in the pipeline, starting with changes to the wilderness and the new addition of clue capes, which should make completing clues a bit less painful.

Best regards,
Admin Terror

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarifications!

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Thanks for the info Terror. Good luck!