Dragon Plate Release - 60 Wild - Venomed (poisoned) Whip

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New Perm Content - New Wilderness area

A New 60 wild P2P Area has popped up beyond the Revenent wild in members dungeon.

To enter this area you will need to gain a "dragon key". .

You will need 4 parts to make a dragon key.

3031.PNG Obtainable from Reaper
3033.PNG Obtainable from Revenant
3035.PNG Obtainable from KBD
3037.PNG Obtainable from Plague Boss

All parts are tradeable until it becomes a dragon key where then its untradeable

Once you have all 4 parts you can place them together to gain the dragon key.
3034.PNG (untradeable, always kept on death)

In this arena you will find several objects that you can use your key on. You will need to defeat each boss to search the chest in the final room. This isn't going to be easy, bring lots of food/supplies but remember, its wildy, although it is in strictly 1v1 environment (which is different to 1ip) meaning you fight for yourself. This area is unique as if you die, you will only lose items in your inventory and keep all equipped items.

To get from room to room you will be required to answer quiz questions to enter. This is all to prove your ultimate worth.

Once you have completed this arena once, you will earn the rights to wear dragon plate(dragon plate will be added as an on task drop in slayer skill). It is repeatable though which does not effect the rights.

In this arena you will also find some high end ores for mining and a farming patch that does not require pre-payment to use.

During the event you will gain Dragon Breath potions, once you have gained 1000 dragon breaths you can then poison your whip.

Dragon Plate is now obtainable from Dragon Lord and Queen White Dragon as an on task drop.

Thrander will convert this to the "female" version if you choose, but as its 2024 anyone can wear it.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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