The silly names...again.

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Listen, I've been thinking.. I am going to remove surnames from Wilderness. Not only because it opens up another can of worms that need fixing to make it all work properly. But I want you all to stop with the silly names now.

- I will rename any "silly name" for free once last time.
- If you're in a team, no following the same pattern of names.
- Any name that is legible but hard to pronounce is also no longer allowed.
- Insert rule here that I've forgotten to mention but involves a silly name.

I am not going to jail any silly names for now, open a ticket or give me a nice neat list on discord and I will get around to renaming.

I ask can the Terrors be Terrors the Nyx's be Nyx and the Gottys be Gottys, the Umbas be well.. you get my point.. I hope. lets all have our own identity in wilderness. We don't need this nonsense.

Please I just don't need the hassle any more I beg. Let me concentrate on new content rather than keeping battling against this old worn out issue.

If you don't reach out lets say by the end of the month I will instruct umbamod to deal with the left overs, as he sees fit.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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