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Since Easter Holiday we have pet cats available in the game, it was possible to buy cats as a holiday item. Since the release we have prepared updates to the cat to act on the feedback from the community as well as release new features:

  • Teen and Adult Cat can now fight NPC’s;
  • You can train cat combat levels;
  • Reworked feeding and interaction features, helping your cat grow now will be easier;
  • Owners will be better informed about cat status;
  • Cat won’t be permanently lost if it runs off due to neglect, you now get it back. Players who have lost their cat before this update can get it back as well.
  • New command ::adultcat which will show a GUI of what your cat can attack at each combat level. We have stuck to original RSC monsters for now.

About pet cats

There are in total 5 different colour schemes: gray/white, black/white, light brown/white, ginger/white, and dark gray/white. All of them have the same abilities and stats at this moment. Cat is a permanent item, you can lose it only by intentionally dropping it.

Cat is a fun and useful companion, in game you can:

  • Grow the pets by feeding, playing, training and spending time with them;
  • Train pet combat skills;
  • Have 10 extra item storage slots on the pet;
  • Have pet heal you;
  • Do duels between pets;
  • More special abilities to come in the future!

Cat growth

At this moment there are three stages of growth: kitten, teen cat, adult cat. Two more stages to be released!

Cats will mature from getting food and attention as you navigate through the game and while you're accruing experience. To get the growth points required you should be walking, training and interacting with the cat. Just standing around and giving it food every now and then is not recommended. For the cat to grow one stage you need to gather 1000 growth points.


Cat hunger and loneliness

After activating the cat, you must take good care of it until it’s an adult. You must give it food and interact with it unless it gets lonely and runs away.

Cat hunger and loneliness increases with time, it does not matter what you do in game, in ~15 minutes of being on the ground your pet may need to be fed or interacted with.

It can survive ~40 minutes without any action from the player. The cat will indicate to you that it needs something verbally as well as you will get a message in-game. The more needy the cat, the more often the cat will try to attract your attention.

When cat is lonely you can:

  • Stroke the cat, via interact menu - restores loneliness -30 points;
  • Give it ball of wool or bow string to play with - restores loneliness -60 points;

When cat is hungry you can feed it, restores hunger -50 points:

  • Bucket of milk;
  • Trout (raw and cooked);
  • Tuna (raw and cooked);
  • Sardine (raw and cooked);
  • Salmon (raw only);
  • Raw Anchovies;
  • Raw Shrimp.

Should you wish to halt the progress of your cat, you may pick the cat up and revert it to a pouch in your inventory. All progress for cats is recorded to your character, not the item. Theoretically, you can rear all 5 different sets to maturity.

Upon reaching adulthood, your cat will become significantly less demanding and will aid you in activities such as healing, holding storage.


Cat Combat Training

Cats, just like players, now have access to training combat stats - attack, defense, strength and hits. You can train your Teen or Adult cat by right clicking on it and clicking hunt. Through the same menu you can also switch the combat style the cat uses.

After hunting has been activated in the menu the cat will seek npc’s nearby that it can attack. The cat won’t engage NPC’s that are much higher level than it is, we have added protection in place, that pets will attack only certain NPC’s when it is at various levels.

When a cat has 30% of its hits left iit will retaliate from the fight. You can use food on your cat and it will heal its hits.
If a pet dies while in combat, it will run away.

While the cat is training, the player must stay 40 squares away from the cat, or it will teleport back to you.

Cat will train at half of your xp rate, you can see the cat xp rate through the stats menu.

At this moment the game client will not correctly show the cat combat level, you must click on it to get the correct information.



Adult cats will heal their owner every minute up to 5 hits outside of the Wilderness.


Adult cats can store up to 10 items (not stacks) in storage.


Players can do duels between pets. They work exactly the same as regular duels, just players are not in control of combat style during the fight, only before it.

Opponents can see pet combat levels only after clicking on the cat. At this moment just hovering over a pet cat will show level 3 combat, it may not be true. This will be fixed in the future.

Getting the cat back after it runs off.

If you lose your cat you can get it back from the Cat Lady in Edgeville, she will give it back to you after you bring her a selection of unique items and make payment.


We plan to continue incrementally updating the cat and we hope to grow it into a useful companion to walk with you. We will enable abilities to train magic as well as supply the cat with armour for protection and unpredictable duels with other pet owners.

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loads better

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i wish i had a kitty or 4