Bone weighing and top 33s and 38s

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The results are in. We were thrilled with how busy the wilderness was and has still continued to be since, we will continue to develop new and exciting things to spice up your pking experience.

mc double 5212984
idol 5212830
Hmoob Meeka 5212110
Siddy85 5211955
rainy day pk 5210593
Cobalt 5210247
no soul 5210155
Steel Horror 5208041
Irregardless 5205570
Siddy 5204046

Reward: Gilded 2h - This has the exact same stats as a R2H however, it is kept on death and is tradeable.

Top 3 of 33 border PK
No Soul - 1584
G U D - 985
Irregardless - 887

Top 3 Of 38 border PK
Seggs - 47
Solid38 - 40
Dragon Eyes - 25

Reward - Black monk robes custom made- exact stats as monks robes but always kept on death and is tradeable. These will also be added to the in wild PK store.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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