Happy Easter 2024

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Happy Easter 2024

Whilst you're all busy eating your chocolate eggs its important to remember important historical events such as Jesus walking on water. This Easter event will allow you to do just that, Speak to the Easter NPC in Edgeville to teleport to the new Easter Island. Here you will be able to use skipping stones to do circles around the arena, gaining a generous amount of agility XP with each passing. (you will require 60 agility).

If you lose your footing whilst doing the new agility course, you will find yourself within the area of the Bunny Boss. This year you will need to interact with the giant egg to gain your own boss to kill, which is a shape shifter Switching between NPCs.

Tokens will also be gained at the Easter Island or just as normal through general game play.

If you gain an Empty Rabbit Cage as a drop from the bosses you can then try to catch one of the bunny rabbits roaming around the Island. Once you caught one you can then search the now full Rabbit cage for goodies such as Past Easter Eggs all the way to 2 hour double XP egg which you can save for after the double XP weekend.

Double XP

Bunny XP will be activated during the event allowing the 5x4 hours of double XP.

Token Store:

Herb Satchel - Can store up to 10 muddy herbs. You will still need to collect herbs from drops but you can store them inside the Satchel, up to 10. Then you can send them all straight to your bank or back to your inventory.
Small essence Satchel - Holds 10 essence

Pet Cats

Cat Care:

New to the pet familiars, you can now purchase Cat Pets for 20,000 tokens from the Easter Shop.

There are 5 different colour schemes: grey/white, black/white, light brown/white, ginger/white, and dark grey/white.

If your growing cat is left hungry or lonely for too long, it will run away

Your pet will mature from getting fed and getting attention as you navigate through the game and while you're accruing experience.

Pet cat does not have a time limit how long it is spawned for.

Cats are fond of the following:

Utilising a ball of wool on them.
Petting your cat via the interact menu.
Milk (buckets of)
Should you wish to halt the progress of your cat, you may revert it to a pouch. All progress for cats is recorded to your character, not the item. Theoretically, you can rear all 5 different sets to maturity.

Upon reaching adulthood, your cat will become significantly less demanding and will aid you in activities such as healing and attacking NPCs alongside you (feature forthcoming).

You are able to duel with cats. You may also challenge a dragon with your cat, but it's unrealistic to anticipate victory in such a confrontation.

This introduces the initial phase of pets; looking ahead, there are a few more developmental stages beyond adulthood to anticipate!

Party Balloons:

The Keen eye amongst you may have spotted that needles have increased their price to 1k each you can now talk to party pete in seers. Where if there's enough donations in the donation chest (found in Falador, Edgeville and now Seers party room) he will release balloons for you all to pop. There must be at least 5 unique active players in the room with you. Each balloon pop will cost 1 needle for a 1/10 chance at loot from the donation chest. I hope the rich generous players out there will donate as you so often do to make this Easter go out with a bang.. (I'll get my coat). You can view the loot by typing command ::partypete

Mod Playah Npc

Mod Playah (npc) will now change the colour of your maxed cape, talk to him in members dungeon!

QoL and other

You will now find a magic carpet at Alkharid desert which will fly you around the desert.
::commands has been updated so you can see all player commands you can use.
Shanty pass bribe, you can now buy a perm bribe for 5 mill GP.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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