Golden Acorn Woodcutting Event - Results

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Dear Players,

We're excited to announce an extraordinary addition to our woodcutting activity! Alongside discovering nests, there is now a rare chance to stumble upon a Golden Acorn. Should you be one of the fortunate players to find one, head over to your local weighing station to have it weighed. You can track the heft of your Golden Acorn by typing ::goldenacorn in-game.

Prizes: The owners of the top 10 heaviest acorns in the game will be awarded a Gilded Hatchet. The perks associated with this unique hatchet will be disclosed at a later date.

Let the fun begin! This is your chance to partake in a thrilling competition and see if you can secure your place among the top contenders.

Deadline: Make sure to weigh your Golden Acorns before the event concludes on Sunday, 25th. This gives you ample time to participate and potentially win one of the coveted Gilded Hatchets.

Join the hunt for the Golden Acorn and let's see who emerges as the top woodcutters in RSCRevolution!

Congratulations to the winners of the gilded Axe:
iron champ 2147476892
steyox 2147465697
Olive Garden 2147226401
jonny 15 2147117055
XxSkullsxX 2147089954
Gehster 2147074768
Jazzyz 2146982845
I fun i 2146966567
Fegan mox 2146795995
Dabhik 2146776017

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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