Purposely confusing names in wilderness

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Dear Players,

I do stand behind my previous post and you have all rallied behind the decision as you seem equally annoyed at these names. I do not like being the dictator with these things if I can help it but sometimes its required to make you all take notice.

I do hope we can put the silly name stuff behind us now and all enjoy the game we love.

We will have some more updates coming soon to improve QoL and some new game additions.


Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Good call! I know it's good to try to work with people and be nice but sometimes enough bullshit is enough and you have to drop the hammer on people that will not listen. Unfortunately I think that's why we lost n0m he tried too hard to make people happy and got frustrated. No fault of his own; he was a good guy doing his best but let's be honest ppl suck and ruin it for everybody.

Stay strict on this and other issues that matter. People may threaten to quit playing to hurt the player base but don't worry, they won't.

Oh, and if they get caught it costs a gold sub to change name before they can get out of jail. hopefully it's already set up that way I can't remember what it costs to change name but IIRC was a sub.

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It's a good decision - looking forward to the qol updates.

Thanks to the community for understanding

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+1 silly names are so childish