Worldwide Double XP 11th to 14th - Introducing Pet Familiars

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We hope you all enjoyed the Birthday cakes.

This weekend will be Worldwide Double XP! Starting Friday 11th until Monday 14th AM.

We will also be releasing a pet egg which is a beta test that I ask for you all to help us out with, if you'd be so kind.

Pet Green Dragon Familiar:
- He will heal you whilst you at in combat with NPC's. 1-10hp every so often.
- He has the ability to hold items using bank call storage, 10 items as standard and +5 for each subscription.
- He can set fire to logs if you use them on him.
- He can follow you around the map.
- You can request he stands still.
- He lasts up to 12 hours of game login time before you have to respawn with another egg.
- If you die, all items inside his bank turn into gp at 50% Db value.
- Ultimate ironmen can have a pet, but cannot use banking features as normal.

Please report any bugs you may find, after the test the egg will be remove from game and we will be actively working on a new skill "summoning" which will enable you to spawn many more pets with more abilities.

Meanwhile look out for Life-runes, Bronze, Silver and Gold Charms. These will be used in summoning later so just save them up for now!

Date for the diary, Saturday the 26th We will be having a Wilderness drop party - 9pm UK time - F2P- Main donator Jonny 15. Everyone else is welcome to donate via the event chest in Falador and Edgeville.

Thank you for playing here at RSCRevolution.

Happy Birthday Month!

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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so exciting !@!

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I've noticed something annoying with my pet familiar. It gets stuck behind a door or gate whenever I move into another enclosed area. However, it will teleport to me if I move a certain distance away from it. Would be great if the pet can come with me after opening gates.

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Two things I'm wondering about

1. I only had two different items in 'storage' think it was 21 swordfish and another item I can't recall (not something stackable) and then tried adding another so it would have been less than a total of 30 items (and there would be 3 different types of items altogether)and I wasn't able to.. I'm double subbed as well maybe I missed something just giving feedback - not sure if anyone else experienced that

2) what happens at the end of the 12 hours if you had things in storage ?
Does it do the same 50% of database value principle?

3) Also a ::pettime or something would be nice to see how long is left on its life span

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love this