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Hello all RSCR Players!

We hope that you've enjoyed the recent events that have been showcased to you?

As the Grand Finale, there will be a huge prize giveaway for the winner of the Manual F2P Flats Deathmatch tournament.

1st - Dragon Scorched Amulet (typical market value 100M+)

2nd - 50M GP

3rd - 50 F2P Rune sets with R2H & 5k Fireblast Casts.

The manner in which this tournament and opponents will be decided will be done via an online matchmaking system where all participants are entered in to a 'draw' and they will be matched with someone. If there is an odd number of entrants, the matchmaking system will give a random person a 'by' where they essentially get a free pass to the next round. This will continue all the way up to the Semi-final where the finalists will be decided by them winning their semi-final fight.

The way 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be determined is as such from the Semi-final.:

Player A fights Player B
Player C fights Player D

Player B wins ----
Player C wins ---- These players are in the final and will fight for 1st and 2nd place.
Player A and Player D fight each other for the 3rd place prize.

Please note that this tournament has a likelihood of lasting about 1 hour depending on how many players enter. So please ensure you have enough time to see it through to the end.

Players are only permitted to wear 'normal' F2P Pking items; Rune large, plate, legs, 2h, cape, gloves & boots typically (rainbow items acceptable)
Players are NOT permitted to wear any type of PK cape, slayer mask or any other 'advantage' items.
Players must bring their own items (armour, pots, runes, food etc) to the event, none will be provided.


For our players whom aren't keen on the PVP aspect of the game, we will host several more events for larger prizes. Most likely - but not set in stone - to be a manual survival, laser tag and lottery events for such items below:

- Large cash prizes
- Gold Halo
- Dragon armoured items
- Ghostly Ring (typical market value 60m+) etc.

The timing for these events hasn't yet been decided due to unknown availability of Moderators. Most likely, if it's myself hosting, they will happen between the hours of 18:00-23:00 (UK time, please check Google for your local time comparisons) on Sunday 26th February. ***for a rough time gauge, it is 08:55 UK time when this was posted***

If I am able to give a more accurate timeframe for the events, I will do so where as promptly as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support to the server

I'd also like to add a really huge special thank you to Carts, if it wasn't for him, none of these events would've happened.


RSCR Mod Team