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Crispy Socks and Crispy Vet are both my mains(But my entire list is muted)
My offence was consistantly going back and forth shit talking Davey even after I was asked not to multiple times.
The end of December is when I got perm muted I think.

I do want to apologize to you for all the shit of mine you've had to deal with...passed and present. Just the whole me and Davey thing stepped over the line because me and him don't get along at all. If I get unmuted at any point. I promise to work on being less negatively responsive to other people. And I also promise to put Davey on ignore and call it a day and just go about my own business.
No more of the back and forth shit with me and him.

I also promise to be less negatievely resonsive to trolls. Instead just ignore them and go about my day. And overall be less negative in general. If an Unmute is granted. I promise to do some changing as person to be a plus and not a negative part of this server not someone people just hate and talk bad on(Doesnt feel great)

PS Thanks to Mods and Admins for dealing with the amount of shit ive probably put them through. Again I do apologize

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