Introducing Wilderness Clues

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Introducing Wilderness Clues. These clues can be gained from any NPC (except fort baby wild dragons) at the "Fort" aka "Team territory".


All steps to complete clues are in wilderness. Similarly to the the hard clues, there are god spawns which will hurt you and poison you.

We have now set cure poison and poison anti-dote potions as F2P.

New item sets that can be gained:

Armadyl God Robes

3050.PNG +6 Armour + 5 Magic +5 Prayer
3051.PNG +10 armour + 5 magic +10 Prayer
3052.PNG + 20 armour +5 Magic  +10 Prayer

Armadyl God Armour

3004.PNG +33 armour
3005.PNG +82 armour
3006.PNG +82 armour
3007.PNG +51 armour
3008.PNG +51 armour
3009.PNG + 49 armour

Zaros God Robes

3053.PNG +6 Armour + 5 Magic +5 Prayer
3054.PNG +10 armour + 5 magic +10 Prayer
3055.PNG + 20 armour +5 Magic  +10 Prayer

Zaros God Armour

3010.PNG +33 armour
3011.PNG +82 armour
3012.PNG +82 armour
3013.PNG +51 armour
3014.PNG +51 armour
3015.PNG + 49 armour


Gilded Cape

2954.PNG +12 armour, +11 aim +11 power +10 Magic + 10 Prayer

Gilded Party Hat

2952.PNG Cosmetic

Full Gilded is also available in individual items, large, plate,chain,kite and legs.

We reserve the right to change stats of all items due to player feedback etc.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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