Birthday Month Phase III (Mercedes the Merciless in Wilderness)

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Dear Players,

This weeks focus will be shifting to the wild. An old boss has returned where you have the best chance at pinatas and cakes and the only chance to get all 4 options (birthday cake, rainbow piñata, golden piñata, and diamond piñata).

You can find her and some birthday NPCs above the fort at wild lvl 44 or by using the obelisk to lvl 44 ice mountain. The NPCs around the mountain have the best odds to drop pins and cakes as well as a full drop table with adding str pots noted, swordfish noted, swordfish certs, secondary items, and ingredients to make potions of zamorak. These NPCs also have a 100% drop rate at tokens when you kill them.

We are still leaving the non wild mountain open by typing ::event. We currently have a boss there to try to get you understanding how to kill her for when she goes away in a few hours from this post. Then she will remain only in the wild for the week. The NPCs around the non wild mountain still have a chance to drop cakes/pins, however they are much lower than the wild birthday NPCs. These non wild NPCs also have most items removed so its basically farming for nothing or a piñata/cake. We encourage you to head to the wilderness if you want a better chance at these drops.

Stay tuned next week for more details on the final phase for this birthday month.

Good luck, watch out for pkers, and happy farming!

RSCR Staff

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sry guys, all the hype is dead with this weeks event.  Even the basic drops at Mercedes are hot garbage.  I think maybe I had bad RNG but i didn't get 1 pin or cake and just 1 rune kite when I spent an hour killing Mercedes with 3 other people.