Birthday Month Phase II

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Dear Players,

To keep this month's birthday celebration fresh, we are implementing Phase II.

We have brought back the Beast at The Mountain.

Each NPC on the mountain will have a chance to drop tokens and pinatas. These NPCs have a better chance at diamond pinatas now than they did this past week. Try the boss for a chance at all 3 pinatas and cakes.

The stripper store returns with a chance to buy rainbow and golden pinatas as well as birthday hats again.

Type ::event to join!

Good luck and happy farming!

RSCR Staff

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This boss here all month?

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Archer96 said:

This boss here all month?

Not totally sure but I highly doubt it. I think they're doing week-long phases of different ways to get pinatas.

I'd count on it being here another 5-6 days max. All month would be crazy since it drops so many pinatas.

It would also have been crazy, and degen as hell, to have ppl farming ghosts and muggers all months. Glad you guys are mixing things up like this! Awesome update and the pinatas are fun not knowing if you'll get something crazy insanely good or not.