Mod Playah targeting me.

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Crispy sock and Olive Garden were arguing about pking in the wild so I jumped in to say jibberish, stirring up the pot for fun (in wild chat mind you) and used a few words I knew would be switched upon entry. (I have checked to see what words currently get switched when you typed them). I said a few to be absurd. Well Tha Playah didn't like it. I have seen others call each other worse in serious fashion and not get any discipline. I have been a paying player since 2016 and this new mod starts jumping on me. A month mute for jibberish crap talk directed at no one during a argument in wild chat just to stir the pot. I ask for this to be repealed and I'll not stir the pot when mod playah is online or whatever. Even Billy Mays wasn't so harsh back in the day. I logged in on alts to ask him if it was personal feels hurt due to his ideological views and he muted them too. For the record I'm in good standing with crispy AND olive.

I really don't want to play on the other servers..

I also gathered info regarding offensive language playah has used towards someone if that needs to be brought forward to exonerate myself against hypocritical judgement.

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Thanks for your appeal.
I can see you were muted for using racist slang "n" word.
Whilst it's a sensitive word I know it isn't always meant to cause offense.
We do have a censor toggle for those who prefer not to see such language as well.
Taking all that into account I will unmute your account. Please try to use more appropriate language on global in future. Judging from your appeal you are not short of vocabulary.

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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