Mini Pk Event in real wilderness

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Up north above the mage arena in P2P wildy is a new lair (well its a clone of the reaper lair but yeah).

The mods have come up with a mini pk event idea that we want you all to try.

The event is for flats mainly so anyone level 99-123 can join.

It's risk free, you will be able to join using ::event but you must bank all your items first.

The only rule is no camping the spawn/start point please. Mods will KBD you if they have to.

There are 3 different npcs at the event, these drop everything you need, food armour etc.

There is a chance at the event you will gain a halo,rainbow amulet, gloves or boots which if you do will be automagically kept on death and yours to keep.

All PVP kills/deaths will count towards your k/d.

The event will run for a few hours. Have fun, its no risk so don't get angry when you die, just rejoin and try again!

Free free gear will be disabled after the event and will vanish from your banks. Inevitability some armour/weapons will escape from event the free gear is set for P2P so you cannot sneak it into F2P pking! It is also set as dragon visually with armour/weapon stats.


Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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