Pre-Christmas event and 33 border event.

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Here is a Pre-christmas Gift to keep you all busy.

- The reaper now drops for a limited time period the Golden Scythe that you've seen the auctioneer wielding for the past few weeks. This is purely a cosmetic item. (the colour will be slightly changed in future to match gilded, at the moment because of the HD failure I cannot update it)
- Plague boss now drops Plague Boss Cape as a perm new rare Stats are +3 armour +5 Aim +4 Power +9 Magic +5 Prayer.

33 border event.

By now you should all have made a 33 pker for the border events, if not you can make them within 2 hours on PK mode.

Border Event 33's Only:
Top 3 prize:
1# Green Party Hat st1nky pants
2# Gold Halo Gnostic
3# Rainbow Amulet steel horror

You can view the leader board by using command in game ::border

Event ended prematurely due to server restart. Prizes have been rewarded to who was top at the time of restart.

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