Happy Thanksgiving RSCRevolution!

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Dear RSCRevolution players

To Celebrate the American Thanksgiving we will be releasing a new holiday item called “Pilgrim Hat”.  You can obtain this rare item amongst many other goodies by defeating Turkey NPCS around the map.

Along with this new item there will also be Mini Quests
-    Thomas Jefferson – Collect 2500 Turkey Feathers– One 50k XP Reward in a choice of 5 skills.
-    Abraham Lincoln – Collect 100 Pumpkin Pies (dropped by Non-boss Turkeys) – Reward 50 Wishbones (bury for prayer xp, untradeable)
-    George Washington - Find 4 items around the map (Leaf, Tomato Mixture, beak, Mashed Potato- Reward 10 Life Eggs)
-    Pilgrim – Kill 100 Turkey Bosses – Reward Double XP egg (lasts 1 hour untradeable)

Turkey Boss can be found via ::event which is near Varrock (non-wildy) and will drop Pilgrim hat as a rare along with wish bones and other goodies. Wish bones can be buried for prayer XP..

Hard Clue spawns will be in enabled in Edgeville on Friday.

A special thanks to all the mods who made this event happen and created the sprites for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
RSCRevolution Team

Feel free to message me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Very cool! didn't expect a thanksgiving event of this magnitude but I'll definitely be logging in when I can.

Thank you guys for the effort.

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Thank you guys
Happy Thanksgiving!