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Terms of Service


  • No third-party software. We do not allow any bots, auto clickers, color pickers, mouse recorders, or any other third-party programs that give an advantage over legitimate players. If you use third-party software to assist or augment your game play, you will be banned permanently. If you are caught botting more than twice, each of your associated characters will be banned permanently.


  • No Real World Trading (RWT). This includes trading or selling any RSCR item, account or service for any non-RSCR item or service (whether in real life or in another game or server). The only legitimate point of contact between the real world economy and our server, is through the purchase of tokens/subscriptions on the RSCR Store. We reserve the right to ban any accounts involved in, and linked to, RWT.


  • No bug abuse. If you find a bug, you are obligated to report it in the bug report section or to a staff member. If it's an exploitable or game-breaking bug, please contact a staff member in a private message instead of posting it in the bug report section. The staff list can be found here. If you are found exploiting any bug for your own personal gain (items/gp, skilling, PKing etc), you will be banned.


  • Using any illegitimate gains, including, but not limited to, bug abuse without reporting or farming your alternate characters to increase kill count, will result in either a ban, wiping of the ill gotten gains, and/or a wipe of your kills.


  • No abusive language. Users caught being malicious towards other players (spamming, personal insults, real life threats, etc.) will be muted. Repeat offenders who abuse our chat system will be banned. There is a difference between teasing for mere action in game and actually making fun of or insulting someone.

In particular:

  • Keep global chat (::1) respectful at all times. PK trash talk, trolling, political flame, sexual language etc. is limited to ::2. By default, Channel 2 is disabled; to enable/disable ::2, type “::togglechannel 2”.
  • Racism is never allowed. If you abuse RSCR to espouse racist slurs, slogans, pictures etc, you will be muted and/or banned.
  • Using derogatory terms, or exposing others to behavior with negative connotations or history, directed at any other group of people, is never allowed. 


  • Use of unintelligible names or names with repetitive characters are no longer permitted.
    • Characters made with the intention of trolling, mocking or harassing another player are not permitted.
    • Characters made with the intention of impersonating another player are not permitted.
    • Vulgar or sexually explicit character names are not permitted. At the digression of staff, you will be offered a one time free name change.


  • No staff impersonation. In addition, usernames created with the intention of impersonating staff will be banned. Harassing, threatening, doxxing of staff will result in your permanent removal from our community.


  • No scamming of items or account information. Players found scamming others will be jailed and/or banned. Hackers, phishers, password scammers, etc. will be banned.
  • Taking any unfair advantage in an event that would increase the chances of winning the prize, such as teaming in a non-team event, is prohibited.


  • Staking rules - Anything that gives a user an unfair advantage or may be tricking the opponent in any way is against rules.

Examples of this are

  • Agreeing to stake on one character, then pulling a switch to a different character
  • Abuse of any glitches or game bugs that will give you an unfair advantage


  • You must be 13 or older to play RSCRevolution or browse our website. If you are aged 13-16, we recommend that you have adult supervision when you play RSCR. If you are younger than 13, we require that you have adult supervision when you play RSCR. Please ensure that you and your child have a working knowledge of the ignore list and disable chat if need be. In addition, players who direct abusive language toward a minor will be dealt with harshly.


  • No advertising. If you want to share a non-RSC-guide website, do so in the off-topic forums. Advertising third party programs, competitors or malicious websites is a bannable offense.


  • No violently- or sexually-explicit content. When posting pictures or videos on forums, you have to make sure that it does not contain any sexual act, sexually explicit content, NSFL or gore-related content.


  • Character selling is forbidden, while account sharing is merely unsupported. If you are caught selling a character or account - even for in-game GP - you will be banned. In addition, staff is unable to provide support for account sharing. If betrayed when sharing accounts, there is no recourse. We recommend that you never share your account.


  • No releasing someone else's personal information. Any unauthorized release of another player's personal or real life information will result in a permanent ban for one, or all the offender's characters.


  • If your character is muted or banned in game, this punishment can and will be extended to our discord channel.


  • No filing false reports with Moderators. Fabricating stories for the purpose of trying to get someone else punished, falsifying events and/or circumstances in an attempt to obtain illegitimate gains from a staff member, etc. are not permissible actions and will result in punishment.